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Do you have double vision?

Have monocular doplia aka double vision in one eye. Doctor wants to inject botox into my eye which he says may fix the problem. Anyone have this done or know of someone who did this? Need to know some information about this unknown procedure.

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I have never heard of injecting Botox in a eye . Myself, I have had Botox injections for Hemiplegic Migraine, which didn’t help.

Is this Doctor an M.D.? I would be very wary of this procedure.

Diploplia or double vision day usually due to nystagmus or strabismus due to certain types of Cerebellar Ataxia.

Have a good night 💤.

Howard Silverman



Thanks for replying. Doctor is eye specialist in Mexico where I live.


My specialist recommended this last visit - but I did not like the sound of it so did not try - sorry x


Yes, it does sound awful. My neighbor goes to an eye specialist for eye injections for her macular degeneration which she says helps her. Don't know if it's Botox. I should ask her.


🙂I have had a Botox Injection into the eye to try to alleviate double vision. This recognised procedure was recommended and carried out by a NeuroOpthamologist. For me, unfortunately it wasn’t successful, but only because my specific eye condition had been severe due to Iritis.

My NeuroOpthamologist then offered me surgery to realign the muscle. This is commonly known as ‘squint surgery’ and it was successful🙂

Previously, I’d progressed through what seemed to be a never ending stronger degree of Prisms in my glasses. Because I also have Nystagmus, the stronger the Prisms became, the more unstable I felt when walking about.

Now, I still have a sensitivity to light, but my glasses don’t require Prisms.


I should add, the Botox Injection wasn’t painful, my eye was anaesthetised beforehand. And I don’t recall any side effects.


Most interestesting! You are the only person who has had botox injection. It was suggested to me by my Mexican opthamologist, but I'm going to U.S. to see a neuro-opthamalogist for another opinion. I wonder if the Botox injection is not given in the U.S, but other countries or everrwhere?


🙂 I live in the UK. I had the Botox injection at a large teaching Hospital here.


Thanks for your input. I can't wait to see doctor in U.S. for another opinion. Stay tuned!

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Interesting, my "squint" makes safe (ish) moving and assessing distance even more difficult and is not improving, though it has done in the past. Re light, I, and my daughter who is healthy, benefited hugely from cranial osteopathy. After years of lights hurting my eyes, it stopped. Daughter could also drive after one visit without headlights dazzling her. For about £50, it is worth trying? They may have to work towards the problem, easing other things in order to get to the parts that need working on. I wrote a post but cannot find it, sorry.


🙂 It’s interesting that you felt benefit. A Cranial Osteopath was one of the many ‘therapists’ I consulted in the past. The Cranial Osteopath didn’t help my eye problems, or in fact make any difference to any of the other symptoms I was experiencing. This is probably because my specific eye condition was only helped by medical intervention. On reflection, I only wish I could recover the money wasted at high street Opticians. Although, one of them actually said they suspected Nystagmus, and asked if I like to be referred to a Specialist.


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