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eye pd

Opticians keep your pupilary [pd] the distance between your pupils secret in the hope you will buy there expensive glases but you can easily measure it yourself and buy glasses online from your prescription for a fraction of the price

The online opticians tell you to put a ruler on your nose and get a friend to read out the distance between your pupils in fact this is how vision express once did it on me but I have found I couldn’t keep my eyes still so I have found another way of doing it that I think is more accurate.

Hold a mm ruler on your forehead just above your eyes hold a digital camera at arms length and take a photo transfer it to your pc zoom in to your eyes and the ruler and take the measurement this is your reading or close pd and according to the majority of websites to get your distance pd add 3mm to it.

I hope this helps people.

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I keep knocking things over and dropping things because my eyes don't focus.I think its a combination of ataxia and focus not vision.The above post may help.Opticiaans don't seem to know much about the effects of Ataxia on the eyes.I have been to two and they only give me a prescription for expensive reading glasses.My focus has only been bad for this year and I have had Ataxia for 6 years.It means I cannot see people waving at me in cars as they pass my scooter.It is very embarrassing.Everything seems to go so fast but my actual vision is good.Hard to explain.


Thank you for your advice, Wobleyjohn! I have particular problems focusing with my left eye, which really throws everything off...,what's up with that? Plus my eyes water a lot most days, so that doesn't help as my vision is blurry, on top of the focusing issue. Does anyone else find this to be problematic? ;o)


A friend and I compared how we were affected by Ataxia and Eye problems. It was interesting to find how much variation there could be. We both have double vision and downbeat Nystagmus but to varying degrees, my friend's problem relates to Ataxia, mine was caused by Iritis. The average Optician can only help so far when it comes to double vision. The last one I went to had difficulty placing a prism in the right place. The best help I've had has been

from Specialist Opticians at the Hospital Eye Department. They're meticulous when it comes to testing eyes.


wobblybee you had a totally different experience to me.

When I visited the orthoopticion at my local hospital they were very helpful but never tested my eyes with a machine but held up various prisms and got me to read the letters on the screen, and then stuck temporary prisms to my glasses gave me a modified prescription, followed by the words “sorry but all we can do is monitor you”

They were very knowledgeable but very Underequipped it is just the postcode lottery striking again.


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