Beach Wheelchair Race

I was wondering if anybody took part in this yesterday. It was called the Longsands Beach Challenge,

and held at Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear.

I was actually reading about this while sitting in the Opticians yesterday, and forgot about it after the

consultation, otherwise I would have liked to have gone..

Basically it was to promote all terrain wheelchairs, as well as giving people the opportunity to join in and

have fun on the obstacle course. xB

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  • As I dp not read newspapers - local or national - I would not have known about this.

    Was it promoted on lpcal TV?

  • John, I have to confess I don't know what Ipcal TV is. I read it in The Journal, so I suppose

    you could view it online? xB

  • Sorry that was me..........meant to put `local TV` as in BBC North East etc..... :-)

  • John, I thought it was something sophisticated! xB

  • :-O Ha, ha, ha

  • Yes, I attended the event, it was great! :) Here is a link to some of the chairs used

  • You can contact them and arrange a home demo for free anywhere in the UK

  • Hi! Very impressive info! I wish I'd been able to go, do you live locally? xB

  • What a great idea! There are a (very) few beaches in Cornwall which have thesre sand chairs - but my g'daughter Chloe (F.A.) will not go and use them because of being 'embarrassed' about her disability . (She's 15!!) I am hoping that during the winter months when there are hardly any tourists about - (and when often we have lovely sunny, still days in Cornwall) - she can be persuaded to go and try them out. It sounds really exhilerating!!

  • I hope she does get persuaded to try them, you could even have a go yourself! xB

  • Well, if I could choose where to live. Next to the sea would always be my first choice and Plymouth (Torpoint) would be my dream place :-)

  • Years ago, we had a holiday in Naples,Florida. Either there, or right down at the end of the Florida Keys.xB

  • Visited Florida three times with The Ark back in the 70`s. Loved the place and the people - and the weather :-)

  • Yes John, it's so laid back. Brian would like to retire there, I don't know if I could stand the heat and humidity, unless we lived on the coast. xB

  • Yeah! That would be great!!

  • Is the pic of you para-gliding or para- something? xB

  • Yes - para-gliding - in Turkey - on hol with my sisters who also did it. The hunky Turkish instructor has a new baby - sweet......

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