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Been Missing For A While

Hello everyone,

Thought I`d take this chance to explain why I`ve been missing for over the last two weeks or so.

I had the Doctor visit me at home and after he examined me he arranged for an ambulance to take me direct to hospital :-(

Dizziness, vomiting, balance disorder, vision disorder, double vision etc, etc.........

Can`t remember much of anything of the first two days in hospital and much less of the next three days really.

I was released from hospital on Friday 26th at 1900 hours - 7.pm (admitted on the 16th).

After numerous scans of the head, body etc and loads of different tablets - some of which made me feel even worse my condition worsened. I was sweating like an open water tap.

But, the wonder of medicine did it`s job and with the constant and never ending care of the "Wonderful Nurses" I`m back to fight another day.

I can not thank them high enough, I can not praise them high enough, saying thank you does not seem enough. So I`ve sent them a sent a special something which they will receive on Monday A.M. along with a large box of choccies :-)

They really are Angels.

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Did they say what was causing your dizziness, vomiting and vision problem John?


In a roundabout way, all related to SCA6, but the vomiting did have a history of it`s own and it took quite a while before the doctors were able to diagnose the problem and begin to administer medication - not a very nice experience in any form I can promise you.


So glad to hear you are back home and that the medication has helped.


Great to hear John and delighted you are feeling better. And such a wonderful and positive report about the care you received when we are hearing so many horror stories in the media. Fabulous!




I really could not praise them high enough. They always had such a positive attitude and never looked down at any time. There were some patients in the ward who were very, very, very ill and did take up a lot of their time, both mentally and physically. But the nurses just took in their stride. They really were angels.


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