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Occlusal contact lenses

I have double vision in my left eye and need a very high grade prism in my glasses

to correct this. For a while now I've been convinced that this has aided and abetted

my balance problems. It seems to me that the tremor I experience with Ataxia makes

my eyes involuntarily zigzag across the prism which is obviously fixed.

So when I was offered a trial of an Occlusal Contact Lens, it seemed a good idea to

try it since currently I walk around with one eye shut.

My first trial at the hospital left me unimpressed, because the pupil area is larger

than normal, although the eye colour around it was a fairly good match to my other green


Today is my first try at home on my own. I got it in but will I get it out!

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I have the double vision sometimes in my right eye,and also movement.

I would'nt be able to put in or take out a lens due to weak hands.

I was offered an injection in the brain to try and ease the eye movement,which i'm still considering



My focus is weakening.People wave at me from cars when I am on my mobility scooter.

I smile but haven't a clue who they are.


I would be most interested to hear how you get on in the future with the occlusal contact lens.

I often think that Ataxia (C/A) might well have close links with the symptoms of Ataxia.



Hi Wobblybee,

I too have double vision and prisms in my glasses. I also have nystagmus, which means the eyes wobble.

Look forward to hear how you get on with the lenses.



Day 1- Instructed to leave it in for only 2hrs, in case of any sensitivity. All went well,

removed on 1st attempt, good light and magnifying mirror helped!

Because I'm used to walking around with one eye closed, the contact lens didn't

cause any problems, although I still need reading glasses for tasks/close work.

Out driving today so wore distance glasses instead. (I have informed the DVLA)

I'll be at home tomorrow, looking forward to my next attempt!


Back to the Eye Department tomorrow for review of contact lens. I've managed to

get it in and out mostly first attempt. The contact lens has to be soaked overnight

in solution, I was told that this may alter the effectiveness. This has turned out to

be the case, I do actually see around it but it still cuts out the area of double vision.

Very strange!


the occlusal lens takes time to feel comfortable. I put a drop of Phospoline Iodide in my eye to shrink the pupil since I have severe third nerve palsy. I like the fact that it takes the double vision away but do not like the way it makes my vision sort of like macular degeneration.

I continue to work on this since 2001 when I had the ruptured cerebral aneurysm. My balance is lousy and there are many things that I cannot do. I am an artist and am alive and grateful.


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