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Hi All. I have had asthma for about 18 years now. It started out very mild and has progressively gotten worse over the years. I have had several trips to the ER but only one hospitalization over these 18 years. I write this to you because doctors will constantly throw medicines at you but never talk about supplements. I found out my Ventolin actually decreases the vitamins that support healthy breathing. Most asthma patients will be low in vitamin D for instance. So now I have been working on finding a cure or getting to the root of this disease instead of only masking the symptoms. I take vitamin B,C,D and magnesium and turmeric every morning and more vitamin D and magnesium 1-2hrs before bedtime not to exceed 320MG for women daily... although I did take 400MG for awhile until I found out it was too high a dose. The fall is the worst time of year for me end of Sept and Oct and even now I have been having to take more Ventolin but I am doing way better than I have in the past and I am crediting these supplements. This time of year the phlegm gets stuck in my lungs too.. not sure why. I am using Cheyenne pepper as an expectorant... I like spicy foods so I am just putting it on my food. It has really loosened up that junk and I was able to clear it from my lungs. The next thing I am working on is I heard people with asthma over breath so I am going to try to address this next through breathing exercises. I have heard a tip if your breathing feels restricted to hold break a moment the build up of CO2 will send signal to body to open up bronc tubes. I also have been using a cold humidifier at night lately too which seems to help my breathing at night. I also use coconut oil in my coffee and I have heard that can be helpful to asthma and somehow the coconut can help heal lung damage. Drinking coconut water has helped me feel better and breath better too... it has a balanced dose of electrolytes. I share all this with you in hopes that you will find the right combination and get relief or be able to step down from your medicines. I am going to share this link because it talks about some of the supplements I listed above. It also lists some ideas I have not tried yet but sound interesting to me. life-saving-naturalcures-an...

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  • I always worry when people talk of ‘curing’ asthma. Of course eating and living healthily helps, and thus supplements can probably help, too. And let’s not forget it is a variable conditions, with good short or long periods, as well as more tricky ones. But I think we should be grateful for the current medications. Like any medications they have side effects, but if you find one that suits you, and obviously take no more than you need, they are an amazing help on the whole. My father died from asthma before the advent of modern treatments. If they had existed I might have had a chance to get to know him.

  • If you put me next to a cat, there is no supplement that will stop my asthma. :) But I did have my vitamin D tested and mine was insufficient. I am now on a doctor ordered Vitamin D supplement that has greatly helped how weak I was feeling.

  • I have had asthma since 1967. The best thing I did was to stop taking Ventolin and switch to Seretide and learn the Buteko breathing method. I used to take Ventolin 8 times a day and would not walk outside without it. The last time I took a puff was in 1995. Diet is also a huge factor in asthma. Put a population on an inflammatory diet and watch them develop asthma and many other things (this is very well documented). Make the diet anti-inflammatory and watch it disappear. High fiber diets can sometimes stop the condition completely. For gods sake stop using Ventolin and switch to Seretide. A small amount of asthmatic tightness now and then won't kill you. As for supplements, fish oil and B is very good but particularly B6. To relieve tightness without Ventolin hold your breath or simply have a cup of coffee. It will always work as coffee is a bronco dilator. Obviously use a reliever if you are really sick. Using Ventolin will make your condition progressively worse.

  • Your GP shouldn’t have let you take so much ventolin as it is a short term reliever, he should have had you on a preventer (seretide) earlier. The preventers control the condition and the relievers are a rescue inhaler in case of a flare up

  • Hi Brando50, can I ask what are inflammatory and anti inflammatory diets? Thanks, Jo

  • Way to go babycrikette I have stumbled on the same supplements and found they help tremendously doctors over prescribe and before you know it you’re on the inhaler merry go round with their awful side effects which make asmtha worse, if more asmatics were checked out for silent reflux first and treated for it before being given inhalers there would be fewer asmatics as reflux causes asmtha.

  • Thanks for all the advice on these supplements. I have started also using Himalayan pink salt crystals in and on my food and I have s lamp next to my bed which I turn on for most of the time. I also have a lot of cinnamon as this helps too and I use some of the supplements you take. I just need something for my allergies runny nose etc... I take celtizirine but that’s not doing well at the moment.

  • I agree with the writer above that we can't expect a complete cure BUT we can seek some relief and after lots of research I found it in Vit B5. My asthma is way better and I highly recommend it. It comes in 500mg and I took a mega dose of 3 a day for a couple of weeks, dropped to 2 a day for a couple of more weeks and now take just one a day as a maintenance plan. I have always been a great believer in supplements and particularly now as I am getting older and just can't eat the amount of foods necessary to get sufficient requirements. Strong believer in Vit D and take at least 5000 units a day and if I feel as if a cold or such is coming on I up that to 15000.

    I also have low grade COPD due to years of passive smoking and am currently trying Symbicort to ease me off the Ventolin somewhat. It is working and I have my fingers crossed I won't react to it as I have to Breo Ellipta, Seretide and Flixotide. Extremely severe reactions with violent cramps, dreadful aching feet etc etc.I could only hobble not walk properly. I took longer to react to Breo but the others it happened within a couple of weeks. Doctor insisted I do the science and come off them and go back on and I did this with the others. Within a few days of being off symptoms disappeared and back on it and here they came again. Apparently those 3 have an ingredient in common that Symbicort doesn't have, so here's hoping but I will not take a medication that causes such pain.

    Oh and I'm a great believer in the benefits of coconut oil and water also.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy future which is what I am planning :)

  • Hi babycrickette, can I ask what dose of vitamin D3 you are on ?

  • Thank you for all the info.! I do hold my breath now and then as I have done this instinctively all my life !( My body just knew what to do!) I do drink coconut water. But don't take vitamin D,so I will try it! I don't over breath tho! I always stay calm and focussed, I guess that comes probably having it all my life and am a normally calm person anyways!!! Be well and stay well! My asthma has only gotten worse this past summer, I think because of the increase in allergens. He said his allergies where particularly bad this spring and summer! Thank you again! Nice talking to you!

  • I love this post! I have a "try anything" attitude as well. I don't have any tips at the moment, but will share them if I find something works. One thing the doc told me is to drink ridiculous amounts of water, as that is what the lungs require to heal themselves. (this has been my biggest disappointment: that my body simply will not heal this thing. ) I am 60 just this year; this all started for me (exactly as you describe) a few months ago. I'm having trouble getting any medical attention on it; but then, I live in the U.S...... Don't get sick in the U.S.

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