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Fed up. Here we go again


Hi, you'll possibly know by now that I was in hospital 2 weeks ago for 3 nights after getting 2 viruses back to back, after 7 days on steroids hadn't done anything. A week after getting out on a reducing dose of prednisolone I was getting worse again and the GP put the dose back up to 40mg. Finally started to feel better and got the go ahead to start dropping down again. The asthma uk nurse suggested 5mg per day but be careful and stop the taper if symptoms come back.

Well today they did. Having taken 10 puffs of blue inhaler and then needed another 10 less than 2 hrs later, this time with no effect I nipped down to the surgery for a nebuliser before they shut.

They now want me to go back up to 40mg for the 2nd time, but they are doing nothing except increase the steroids. I'm where I was a week ago and just wondering if I'll need to nip toA&E tonight. I'm so fed up. I can take the remaining 3 tablets to get back to 40mg (I was down to 25mg today) but I'm saving them to stop a midnight trip across town.

What should I be asking the GP to do? My asthma consultant is uncontactable. GP has been phoning her for a week and my appointment with her is 5th Dec.

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Hi jenhcat,have you considered asking if you can have your own nebuliser? I bought one and the GP prescribed the Ventolin, I found it invaluable and it saved me many a trip to A+E.

I am sorry I can't help, but I truly hope you can get some relief soon.

I didn't need to go to A&E but didn't sleep a wink Scared to sleep I think as I always get worse at night.

Better at about 370 peak flow today and another GP said no need to put the steroids back up but stay on 25mg. Then my asthma consultant phoned and can fit me in next week. To stay on 25mg until then. Very glad about that. Thanks for support!

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