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Been back in hospital Pneumonia again!!!!

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For those that have seen my previous posts I was admitted good Friday to ITU with asthma and too exhausted to breathe only on there 2 nights hdu 1 day then ward in isolation 2.5 weeks with Swine Flu (2nd time had it!) Anyway discharged on Monday got blue lighted and sirens back in on the Friday with another bout of pneumonia (bloods and one had returned to normal before discharged)So was in a further week IV antibiotics nebs the usual. Week and half later home.(home 20 May)

Would you belive it yet again sudden downhill chest bubbling!feel like can only get eggcup of air in rushed back in with Pneumonia AGAIN!!!(22nd June)

Family advised ? ITU see how I stabalize.Anyway moved from a&e resus to the emergency floor quite stable on just 2 litres of oxygen however dr came 3 times during night and oxygen increased up to 35 litres now of humidified oxygen and Dr tells me if this does not stabilise I would be on ITU and they would take over my breathing as was exhausted! Thankfully antibiotics they pumped into me iv steriods, back to back nebulisers, and whatever else I had worked and I won not ITU this time!πŸ˜€

This is now my 3rd lot of pneumonia in 4 months. I've been home well be 2 weeks Monday but I still feel totally exhausted!!!!!don't want to do anything even in this lovely weather just wanna sleep or lay down. Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Think your body must be absolutely exhausted. Take things easy it will take a while to get over this. Eat well and if you can't eat 3 main meals eat 6 little ones, drink plenty of water and just a little light exercise. Just once around the garden every half hour or less if that is all you can manage. Moderation is the key. Don't over do things and if you find one day you can't manage what you did the day before the. Don't beat yourself up about it just do less. Listen to your body. All the best. Hope you feel better soon.

akela6th in reply to freefaller

Well have had bath and hair wash(wheezing sounds weird underwater ha ha)That has totally exhausted me(sorting out areas that don't get sorted in hospital lol)Visit just me that gets really breathless brushing and putting hair up? I feel like I can't keep my arms up and breathe at same time!!


Bless you. Yes just take it easy. The sunshine can wait. Make sure you do some gentle breathing exercises to keep your lungs open and active below the very top. Nothing too heavy going though. I've ordered a salt pipe and should receive this today I'm trying to get a maintenence routine going so I don't keep plumeting like this . I'm just back up to 330pf this morning after 3 weeks struggling in the 200s. Numerous nebuliser anti biotics and inhailers. It all makes us feel so crap. Listen to your body and let it recover. Don't push yourself to do stuff let friends/family help. I'll post here on the salt pipe when I've tried it . They have amazing reviews. Take care


akela6th in reply to Hidden

A couple of women were using an accapella device in hospital I think it works by causing like vibrations and exercising lungs??

freefaller in reply to akela6th

An acapella device is used for lung clearance. It helps to ring up mucous. I use a similar, older device called a "Flutter" device. I use it because I hav Bronchiectasis and it is useful to clear my lungs.

akela6th in reply to freefaller

Yes that's what lady said she had


Not seen those used. I used the salot pipe for the first time this evening and my PF went up 10 straight away . It works by cleansing the lungs. I'll keep you posted on progress

Be interested to hear how you get on.

Hi thre, so sorry to hear you have been feeling so bad, it seems like a circle where you just go around and around having some days that are a bit better and many that are awful, hope you feel better now

Hi sorry to hear things are so bad and it can get very boring when you are stuck in doors and not able to do much. When I get like that I have a pile of crossword books, favourite books, dvds, video games ready.

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