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In hospital with asthma

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Not really sure what I am posting for but...I have had asthma all my adult life but have steadily increased symptoms and treatment over the past 5 years. 3 weeks ago I had a mild resp virus that just stuck and my asthma changed to really reactive. Home care of steroids and antibiotics didn't help and I ended up having an asthma attack.

I've been in hospital over a week now on a resp ward and it is improving, but so much slower than I want. I feel so scared. I have had excellent care, resp nurses, all investigations and consultants etc, no complaints at all with anything. Just scared I think.

20 Replies
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I hope you are on the mend and home soon. If your asthma has been really bad I think you are in the right place to recover. Glad to hear you feel you are being well looked after. Speedy recovery xx

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Evie3 in reply to teddyd

Asthma is scarey. You are definitely in the right place to get your infection/breathing under control before returning home. Take care

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I don't blame you its frightening... its perfectly normal to be scared

Take it easy and take the time you need to get well and get home


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Morning, no wonder you feel scared! I have had two similar attacks to what you’ve described. I was in hospital both times for 11 days but did eventually get better! I was on crazy meds…I think that effected me quite a bit emotionally.

Sending a hug and I really hope you get better and home soon!!

Dee 😊

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Get well soon is all I can suggest. Hospital is horrid,hope you’re fixed and home soon! Best wishes X🤗

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I hate hospital too, but you're in good hands and the most scary bit is over. Wishing you a good recovery and I hope your doctor will now look at a better treatment for you - if you've been struggling even before the viral infection then raise that and ask if they can step up your treatment in order to get things under control for the long term., not just to treat this episode. All the best. xx

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Thank you all. Just frustrated and annoyed with myself for not dealing with it sooner really. Thank you all so much.

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Get well soon. Bernardine

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Asthma attacks are scary. However they pass, they can be controlled. Start thinking and noting what you want to do when you get out.

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It can be very frightening but pleased you are on the mend. Get well soon, try to stay positive, sending hugs x

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I’m in hospital regularly with my brittle asthma, getting used to it now . It’s very frustrating, stressful and frightening. My last hospital stay was in November for 3 weeks after having flu . They rushed me to the High dependency unit . On long term steroids and antibiotics for a few years which causes other problems 😢. Big hugs x

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Sorry to hear you are in hospital. It does take time to recover, rest as much as you can when you get home. Sending you all best wishes.

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you are in the mend and that’s the main thing. It sounds like you have had a shock and you are recovering from that too so your body is trying to heal physically and emotionally. Double whammy! No quick fix so the only thing for it is to accept that it will take some time and adjust to that fact. Rest is the thing that you need right now. When you see the doctors on their rounds ask about future preventative treatments and about a referral to Respiratory Physiotherapy and Speech and Language. In the meantime, rest and watch lots of rubbish TV 😉. Hugs.

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Hello. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. It’s hard being in hospital because there are very little distractions and I know when I was in hospital with an awful infection and asthma over a year ago all I could focus on was the negative and I too was very scared.

As other people have said get your next plan of action. It sounds like you realise you wish had taken action sooner and at least you’ve learnt from that and you’ll know the signs next time.

In the meantime rest and do the same when you get home. Lots of cosy TV time and good food.

Sending you lots of healing love xxx

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So sorry you’re in hospital, it’s natural to be scared, hopefully you’ll be able to go home soon. Take care 🤗

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As you can see, you are not alone in the way you feel! You are getting better, but the time it takes is very frustrating. You could try being a Victorian style invalid and give in to it a bit. Conserve your energy - try not to waste it fretting. I think being ill taught me patience, because I knew that after an attack, I would get better, but I just had to wait the days out until it happened. Good luck!

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I got a lot of help from an online site:

It’s for anyone with any type of respiratory disease plus they have a FB page as well. Much education and tips on staying stable. Run by licensed drs of respiratory therapy. Free

(Retired nurse anesthetist here with asthma and scoliotic restrictive lung disease.)

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get well soon

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Thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.

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Being in hospital is scary, but try to look on it as the road to managing. It many not be the same as before but we do adapt and learn to live with long term illness. If you are uncertain ask the senior nurse if you can speak to a doctor before you go home so that you have a plan in place.

All the best for a good recovery.

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