New ultra long acting combination inhaler. Cheaper than symbicort, It might help some?

Asthma: fluticasone furoate/vilanterol (Relvar Ellipta) combination inhaler

Relvar Ellipta is licensed for the regular treatment of asthma in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older where use of a combination medicinal product (LABA and ICS) is appropriate, that is patients not adequately controlled with ICS and 'as needed' inhaled short-acting beta‑2 agonists. It is not licensed for use in patients who are already adequately controlled on both an ICS and a LABA, unlike the other 4 ICS/LABA combination inhalers that are licensed in the UK for the treatment of asthma (summaries of product characteristics: Seretide, Flutiform, Symbicort and Fostair).

This is taken from the UK NICE guidance. If symbicort or seretide isn't helping might be worth a try if available in each persons country. Just a newer inhaler.

I'm always looking for new one as symbicort 400, although it's best for me doesn't control my asthma well, and I've tried all the others including some bronchodilator inhalers for COPD.

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  • can this be used like sybo as a all in one so its a rescue as well as a preventer?

  • No don't think so

  • I read that it's one of the newer type that supposed to last 24 hours. Don't think it can be used like symbicort but I'm on that and still have to take Ventolin several times day.

    I was just reading yesterday there's some new inhalers in the pipeline, some especially for COPD and a couple for asthma.

    It's in nice guidelines and it's cheaper than symbicort so that's maybe any people are being put into it!

  • Hi

    My GP changed me from symbicort 400 to revlar ellipta 184 a few weeks ago. So far it is going fine, I'm managing without pred for first time in a couple of months. I'm still having to use salbutamol most days but so far I think my my asthma is better controlled.

    I don't use it as a reliever, hope this helps 😊

  • I'm under consultant and have 4 injections of Omalizumab every 2 weeks but if it works for you I'm pleased. I would say I've tried everyone, but take 4/5puffs Ventolin every day despite symbicort 400,and xolair injections. They also added seebri which is for COPD but makes me cough all the time so not taking it. I'm so pleased it works for you.

  • Thanks for this. I use Symbicort but still have occasional flare ups, like today! I feel that myself and my asthma nurse have taken my treatment as far as we can and there isn't anything else useful, but this my be a positive alternative. Thanks.

  • Emmasue, the ingredient is what's in seretide I think with a different reliever part vilanterol. You can look it up on the Internet. I didn't get on really with seretide so don't think it will be for me. If the asthma nurse had gone as far as she can maybe referred to respiratory consultant. After all the years with GP and asthma nurses dealing with me they found I had Aspergillus and was treated with antifungals for several months. My asthma bad been bad for weeks, don't know if it's weather but I avoid all triggers. Used nebuliser twice in 2 months usually one or twice a year. I also get Omalizumab (xolair) injections, 4 of them in hospital as per nice guidelines. I've been on them over 2 years and don't think they are helping as I'm no different. Still need regular Prednisolone and for longer add they don't seem as effective.

    If you don't have many flare ups it might be worth trying. I have unstable chronic asthma uncontrolled whatever I've tried which is nearly every inhaler on the market. If you try it tell us how it helped hopefully x

  • Thanks Matti. x

  • Hi all I have just been changed from symbicort to the ellipta 92/22 as my asthma has been not well controlled for the last 5 months after years of well controlled asthma on symbicort.

    This is a once a day dose and it is a preventer only not to be taken in an atack must say after reading a lot of the info out there I am a little concerned about taking it however if it helps ill go for it.

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