Struggling at the minute

Hi all,

I have been asthmatic all my life but I am having a particularly bad time with it at the minute.  I have had 4 severe attacks in the past two weeks (three in the past two days) and was discharged from hospital yesterday but I am still very breathless with a peak flow of 200 ( personal best is 550-600) but I am too scared to go back to A&E as when I went on Saturday the A&E nurse shouted at me and said it was a panic attack whilst the consultant made me wait for 3 hours before giving me some nebs when she realised it was an attack. I do wheeze sometimes but always. I'm currently on steroids, antibiotics, montelukast, salbutamol, seretide 500 and Flixotide. 

Any advice?



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  • If you are still so breathless I would go back to A&E as it seems you are still struggling. I can completely understand your worries because I felt the same way at my hospital admission.

    If you don't feel comfortable going to A&E please get an emergency appointment with your GP, but you definitely need to see someone if you are struggling like that.

  • What a disgusting way to treat you and I am so enraged now on you behalf I would like to rip their heads off!    Panic attack indeed!  Even if it was partly it is completely understandable under the circumstances.   I hope both the nurse and the consultant know one day what real breathlessness is like and they feel ashamed of treating you like that.  Take care.  x

  • And even if it were a panic attack, why would the nurse shout at someone?? Ugh

  • Thanks guys. Just taken the good old 10 puffs and if it doesn't work I'll have to go back :(

  • So sorry to hear you have to go back.. Got any emergency prednisolone? I have to take 40mg and call the ambulance. Let us know how you get on at A&E. Take carexxx

  • There's been another report on the forum recently of a bad attitude (read 'appalling') from a nurse at A&E towards an asthmatic having a bad attack.  In that instance the patient took note of the nurse's name - so if it happens to you again do likewise.  You are then in a very good position to make a complaint to the hospital or to mention what happened to your GP.  

    Please don't be afraid to go back if you have another attack.  Is there anyone who could go with you to support you if it happens again?

  • Hi JadeyG, actually one of my friend also suffered from severe asthma and was treated very often. I was very much feeling sad that I cannot do anything to help him. Then on instant, I found this article that I think is quite useful if you want to know about what is asthma -!/categoryA...

    I found it very useful and I think you should give it a read. Best wishes! 

  • Thank you very much! Definitely looks worth a read :)

  • Hi all, I ended up back in hospital and have finally been discharged. Not back to normal yet but better than I was. They've put me on a concoction of medication and I've decided to put in an official complaint about the treatment (or lack there of) that I received.

    Thank you so much for your support,

    It is very much appreciated! X

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