Rushed back into hospital after only 4 nights back at home!

Well I only recently joined this forum sharing my recent experience of being in hospital on ITU ect.Following my previous post explaining my admission to hospital due to Swine Flu,pneumonia, asthma ect .I had posted saying back home recovering however... I had to see my GP on the Friday following discharge but had not been brilliant since getting back home but thought just down to general recovery.

I arrived at drs very breathless but put it down to being weak but my gp was shocked to see how much was struggling had never seen me cos t of asthma let alone how I was.Dr examined me and with looking at my asthma action plan decided I was basically in zone 3 of 4 on plan and to up inhalers and start steriods this was after he went and discussed me with another Dr.My gp did say I think you may well end up back in over the weekend.However hubbie dropped me at home with my daughter before he went to chemist,by time he got back I was still really struggling so he spoke to gp who said to call 999 and he would phone hospital to say coming back in. Ambulance arrived very swiftly with 3 crew(trainee Paramedic) out on ambulance hooked up to monitors ect given nebuliser. Paramedic wanted to put a line in then I revealed my black bruised arm from my previous admission shocked he looked at other arm and said I will try once and amazingly hit jackpot 1st time. So now hooked up to monitors, nebuliser, fluids and IV paracetamol. After various chcks they decide need to fill out a code amber form and telephoned ahead to a&e how soon would be there. The driver then said to me Paula we are going to be going over quite swiftly on blue lights and you may hear the sirens but don't be alarmed that's because I don't like waiting in traffic!A very speedy trip arrive at hospital more Arterial blood taken(they hurt!)x-rays ect. Turns out Pneumonia again,I had only gone home Monday teatime now Friday and I'm back in.Two lots of IV antibiotics on admission then further 3 days just one IV then onto oral antibiotics and steroids and finally released last night so in total in hospital 24 days!!! Have been advised by hospital drs it's going to be good few weeks before I feel well but here starts recovery!

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  • Sorry for long winded post(no pun intended)

  • Oh no what a nightmare sending you a get well hug and ūüíź To cheer you up¬†

  • Thank you I'm new to any type of forum but decided to join this one Following my recent admission when I ended up on Intensive Care. Does this forum have like a chat or messenger type thing if that makes sense? Just feel at moment be good to chat with someone who understands about asthma and the issues that come with it.

  • Sorry I was only told I had asthma in Dec just gone at the age of 51 so pretty new myself so don't know¬†

  • Bet that was a bit of a shock or had you been having symptoms for a while. Asthma once you recognise your symptoms you can be in control. My asthma was diagnosed at 13 but I seem to go years with no problems or medications but then when it does flare up its major. I have been advised now after my second ITU admission that regardless of symptoms I must stay on preventer inhaler and have emergency supply of steriods at home.

  • It was a bit but expected it to be honest had chest infections and not sleeping at night with coughing so going to work really tired for a good few months,but when I went to the dr only gave half the symptoms (didn't want to feel like a sick note stupid I know and I won't do it again ) got to much and told the gp everything I can say I got a good telling off from him , but before all this I didn't go to the Drs¬†

  • I would definitely say now you have diagnosis don't ignore your symptoms and recognise what is and isn't normal for you. I myself don't usually wheeze but have the dry irritating cough which is a sign of an asthma flare up.What treatment are you on and has Asthma been explained to you?

  • Oh golly, poor you. ¬†I've had pneumonia aggravated asthma (many years ago) and I can honestly say I've never felt so sick in my life (and I've had asthma over 50 years). ¬†¬†

    Hope you get better soon.  

  • Have to say can't believe how wiped out I feel. Everything seems to be a real effort and how easily I'm out of breath.

  • We were supposed to be going on holiday (skiing) the week after I went down with it. ¬†I responded well to the drugs in hospital (well the asthma and pneumonia did, but I was given erythromycin via IV line and it made me so sick; my veins didn't appreciate it either). ¬†There was, inevitably, quite a lot of discussion as to what would happen about the skiing holiday. ¬†I remember hearing the junior doctors and discussing it and hearing one say "Well I certainly wouldn't allow it'. ¬†My consultant, however, was a skier himself and said that as long as I took it very, very carefully, it would be the best thing for me (very clear air in the Alps; historically, it used to be favoured for convalescence for that very reason). ¬†I was given oral steroids just in case I needed them, and had to continue with the erythromycin (tablet form) for a couple of days, but I have to say the consultant was right. ¬†Admittedly I felt like a limp rag when I was discharged from hospital (and I was told by friends and family afterwards that I was very, very pale and it was obvious I'd been very unwell), but I came back from that holiday (it was one week only) fully recovered. ¬†The oral steroids never got used. ¬†

    Three points to consider though.  Firstly, it was described as 'a touch of pneumonia in one lung' (so it could have been a lot worse); secondly, I was a teacher at the time, and as a result of that the skiing holiday was happening at Easter, so it was at the end (the warm end) of the skiing season.  Thirdly, I was in my twenties and usually physically quite fit (so long as the asthma was controlled).

    I've had chest infections since then - not as severe, though one came close - but they've all taken longer to get over.  I did have a holiday booked about two weeks after one of them, but it was in the UK - even so it certainly helped in the recovery process.  There's a lot to be said for a period of convalescence.  

  • Thanks for your reply,suppose I need to give my body chance to recover as really my body has been poorly for3-4 weeks in total. Was in 2.5 weeks home 4 nights then rushed back in blue lights sirens and in for further 5 nights.2x IV antibiotics first admission followed by 10 days oral.second time 4 days IV antibiotics still on oral antibiotics and steroids. That's without all nebulisers also when I was was first poorly also given IV hydrocortisone and a Magnesium transfusion then became unresponsive and in level 1 respiratory failure admitted to ITU was not on ventilator this time(was 10 years ago)hubbie was warned may have to be. Ended up my left arm black with bruises from Arterial line and other lines in. Tummy bruised from blood thinning meds. Other than that I'm fine! I do have lots of other health conditions too though and do have to walk with 2 crutches because of chronic back pain so suppose not gonna be jumping through hoops. Sorry for long winded reply¬†

    Paula x

  • Yes, you really do have to take it carefully after you've been very unwell. ¬†It's very easy to underestimate the impact of a severe illness on the body. ¬†But overdoing it can have nasty consequences even for a non asthmatic. ¬†

    Do take care.  Easier said than done at times, I know.  Mentally you are still sharp, feeling guilty perhaps about the impact of your illness on family and work, but trying to do too much too soon will only prolong it.

    Here's hoping things improve soon.  

  • Here is wishing you a steady recovery *hugs*

  • Oh dear, what an awful time you are going through.¬†

    I do hope you start to feel better soon. 

    Take care. 

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