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Here we go again

Been reducing my steroids back to permanent maintaining dose and got to lower level for just a week, then Friday I come down with a chest infection again - steroids back up and antibiotics etc etc . Supposed to be flying to Lanzarote tomorrow for a bit of sun before winter starts and I get poorly - but I didn't quite make it before I'm ill again!!

I went back to g.p. to check to see if I was 'fit to fly' this morning and after a bit of persuasion she gave me the go ahead. - any tips for my four hour flight ? And have I made the right descision to go?

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Thank you, I have got list of medication and had flu jab, so I'm about as prepared as I can be I think. Thanks for your comments xx


You need a protective mask - we all know about the awful quality of the re- cycled air

Have you got a med like Diazapam to relax you

Yes you are taking a big risk

Have you declared your illness on your insurance

I hope so

Good luck. John


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