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So are we all enjoying the heat...!

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I'm ruddy not!

Awake laat night at 1:30am with a tight chest, thank 'eavens my Salbutamol worked! Back on the steroids again. I don't what's more stressful, having asthma or trying to fill in the locum GP on the phone on my 30 year history of asthma and why I need to keep a pack of emergency steroids at home...!

Anyway hope everyone is coping ok and not dreading the hot weather weekend forecast too much!

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Hi I hate the hot weather. I start every summer as, soon as, the heat and grass, pollen rises. My asthma kicks in and get very little sleep. Propped up in chair end up on 2 or 3 courses of pred to get me through until Sept when it settles. Go through the same as, u with the Docs and steroids mine won't give rescue, packs,. Like trying to get gold bars off them!!! Dreading the weekend sounds, hot again

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ccccc in reply to Oscarpebbles2021

I have the same thing with the propped up in a chair, I just can't lie down some nights as it sets my asthma. Same with the doctor, some are ok but some think it's a bad things giving out more steroids - which is in a way but when there's nothing else to try what can you do?!

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Itswonderful in reply to Oscarpebbles2021

Aren’t rescue stand by meds at home best practice? 🤨

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I hear ya regards trying to fill in a locum on your history…. It’s the last straw at times 🙄

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ccccc in reply to Maggie_Mae

I think some of them have quite an outdated view of asthma plus we all have different types of asthma - it's lot to get across in 5 minutes on the phone.

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I am hating it too. I can't even open the windows on the cooler days because of the pollen.

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ccccc in reply to CraftyLego

I'm the same, some days I keep the windows shut others I just think 'sod it' because I'm so hot! Can't win.

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CraftyLego in reply to ccccc

No we can't win. I keep trying for 10 minutes only but sometimes it does effect my peak flow.

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In the hot summer a few years ago I was backward and forward to hospital with asthma attacks. I usually live in a social housing flat entirely within the large slate roof of a converted church. I have ‘heritage’ roof lights that open a restricted amount with a winding mechanism. Because of this mechanism sticking out I can’t get blinds to fit. I tried to find other accomodation but there are very few one bedroomed places. I decided that I had to be proactive so, as I live in a touristy area, for the last few years I have been staying in a holiday cottage for July, paying for it in instalments starting in the autumn. This year the prices have increased so I am not staying as long but in the current heatwave I am very glad to be in a thick walled cottage. I know things are getting more and more expensive so a lot of people won’t be able to do such a thing but if you can it is worth it to keep breathing O.K. Other things I find handy are a fan at night pointing towards my face from the other side of the room with at least a sheet or a sheet and a thin fleece blanket keeping my body from getting too chilly. The other thing I like to use is a ‘cool vest’ outside or even in my flat at times. I can only stretch to the relatively inexpensive ones that work by evaporation and they do make you rather soggy particularly if, like me your hands aren’t strong enough to wring it out very well!

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pink123floyd in reply to LittleZebra

Have a look at ikea they do a corsatina (if thats how you spell it) style blind you can cut it around any handles or such to any size it looks very thin paper like material and start from five pounds .good luck .x

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LittleZebra in reply to pink123floyd

Thank you, I will take a look 😀

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Every season there is an issue to worry about. In the summer, it's the pollen and BBQs (hence the need for HEPA filtration at home). In the winter, it's the dry air and the smoke from people burning wood to stay "cozy" by the fire (hence the need for a humidifier and the HEPA filtration). So the fight never ends.

Last year I ended up in the hospital around this time (July 12th). Since then, I rebuilt the apartment, with the key focus on air purification. This year, no issues so far, thank goodness. Have an AC running in the air intake room, that helps, too. And I am wearing an FFP3 mask while outside (including running outdoors). I also convinced my employer to replace the carpets in my office with laminate floor, so that helps as well.

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