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Heads up, Medical advice - nebulisers and NSAIDs

May need to keep an eye on posts by Lola as she has replied to a new younger member asking in 'Medical > Ventolin!?' about their newly started steroid inhaler and recommended asking OOH/GP about nebulisers as they helped her when waiting for preventer to kick in? I have replied to clarify as this may give people the wrong impression and can be dangerous as leading to a false sense of security etc

Also, 'Medical > Pneumonia...fever just won't go. Alternating medicines'

apparently aspirin and ibuprofen can't be given to people with asthma? I know some medics can be cautious and advise not to. I've always been informed given if not a trigger but ok as long as doctors are aware. Again, have replied and pointed people towards Asthma UK triggers & medicines.

Let me know what you think and as always feel free to disagree or correct if necessary

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