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Any tips on cold remedies?

Hello all,

I am curently suffering from a pretty bad chest infection and on anti-biotics since fri and finished my steriod tabs, I have also just been added a new inhaler from the doctor today (serevent evohaler) to go with my qvar and salbutomol and now developing a cold on top of all of this!

I know I can't take aspirin or ibuprofen and im using a salt solution for my block nose but would like to take something like night nurse (i beleive that is paracetomol based?) to knock this cold on the head so it doesnt effect my chest!

anyone know what a good cold 'over the counter remedie' might be? or should i invest in echinacea or goldenseal to boost my immune system at this time instead?

many thanks!


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the pharmacist told me that ordinary paracetamol and some hot black current/apple juice or honey was just about as good as you can get. I found this works OK, but do also consider a vitamin C and Zinc tablet, tesco do a tube of 20, helps boost the immune system, take 1 or two a day.


Thanks woody!



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