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Adrenal Insufficency

Hi All,

I am new to this forum, was looking for anyone who might have any experience dealing with adrenal insufficency after long term steroid use? My asthma is poorly controlled, I currently take:

Seretide 250 (2, twice a day)

Flixotide 250 (4, twice a day)

Singulair 10mg (2 at night)

Phyllicontin 225mg (2 in the morning)

Spiriva (18mg in the morning)

Amoxycillin (250mg prophylactic 3x a week)

I also have to take Calcium D3 because the steroids have given me osteopenia and am regularly on oral steroids and stronger antibiotics due to recurrent infections flaring up my asthma.

After a flare up at Christmas I have been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and have been put on 25mg hydrocortisone (spread throughout the day). I have severely depleted energy levels despite being out on this and can't get back to my pre-christmas self. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions as to how to start feeling better? I feel like I take tablets to get me though work and then am so exhausted I can't do anything enjoyable. I can't really go out any more and am getting increasingly fed up - and this is normally the good time of year for my health!

Any help, suggestions, or knowing someone else has been through the same thing would be greatly appreciated!


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Sleep, sleep and more sleep!

You're doing brilliantly just by managing to remain in work. You will be tired after work and not up to doing much else. I've been through bad asthma flare ups and repeated chest infections and got a lot of pressure about why I wasn't doing any work to my new house etc, etc, no-one seems to quite realise how tired this can make you.

Unfortunately I had to pack in work and can't remember the last time I went out for a drink. BUT I am now improving, I've started swimming as well as yoga, armed with piriton I've done a lot to my garden recently, feel ready to start work again soon and have a night out planned.

Realised that the best solution is as much rest as poss and don't push yourself, good thing with asthma it can improve and when it does it's a good, good feeling!!!


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