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Re: nucala biologic injection

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Hi .not been on for awhile.i went to hosp for checkup after having covid a month ago in which I got infection in left lung .3weeks of steriods and 2weeks of antibiotics later x-ray show in fiction no different .going to do a CT scan .IV been unstable asthma for years .consultant wants to put me on nucala injections it's a biologic every 4weeks I fit the on relvar Ellipta high dose .tiotropium high dose an ventolin .and lots of courses of steriod tabs .just wondered if anyone is on the injections

14 Replies
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Hi Coral, I started Nucala injections February 2021 and they have improved my asthma massively. Before I couldn’t laugh or walk a few minutes before becoming breathless and coughing. I get them delivered and kept in my fridge and inject myself every 28 days. No side effects. I hope you get positive benefits too.

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coral12 in reply to Karate109

That's for the reply. I hope it makes a big difference also .glad it worked for you

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Yes I did a research trial of the injection 6mths in total. My peak flow went from 150/170 to 200/220 . No longer on it and slowly reversing my peak flow downwards.😔

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hoven in reply to Gwen30

Gwen why did you stop it?

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Gwen30 in reply to hoven

The research trial ended I have EA asthma

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coral12 in reply to Gwen30

Why don't docs put u on it permanently if it helped

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My views are exactly like Karate 109. The miracle drug for me insofar as asthma is concerned. Hope that helps

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coral12 in reply to Josephone

I hope it will be for me .at least some improvement

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I started Nucala nearly a year ago, initially muscle weakness which they said would be the steroids I occasionally took over the years. stopped it for a while and the weakness went away. started it again a few weeks later and it was even worse. weakness in my legs which is still there. I have now stopped it. I think if it suits you it is worth taking. I wish it had suited me! good luck

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Wow. I didn’t even know that could happen. I am right now in a chest infection and at the end of all my meds and it actually still hurts. But I don’t think it’s Covid. Do you cough up blood when you have a chest infection?

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coral12 in reply to Utakemybrthaway

Usually cough up blood if it's phuemonia

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Hi coral12, Yes I'm on Nucala too. I've just done my 24th injection. It's so easy at home every 4 weeks and have them delivered.

For me, absolutely no side effects but I feel 100% better. Before July 2020 when I started my life was non stop steroids and antibiotics. Now I continue using my fostair inhaler as usual but that's all.

I have a 6 month consultation via a video call from the London hospital who treats me.

Good luck and hope it helps you too.

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coral12 in reply to janet65

Thank you for reasurance .glad it worked for u .hope it works for me .have u ad any infections since of IV read

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janet65 in reply to coral12

No I've been perfectly well since I started the injections. I had whooping cough aged 4 and that's when my asthma started. I'm now 71...that was a lot of years of really bad health.

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