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Relvar ellipta

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I have been taking Relvar ellipta 184/22 for three weeks. feels good during the day and night. But I need salbutamol every morning. Only once in the morning. It worries me very much. Is it normal? Thanks for all the answers.

2 Replies
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No isn’t normal to need salbutamol every day if asthma controlled well. However you have only been on new inhaler for 3 weeks and are pleased with it on the whole. It usually takes a good 8 weeks for inhalers to be effective and is wrong that patients aren’t told this. However I suspect a lot of GPs and asthma nurses don’t realise this and “throw” different inhalers at patients when a patient has only been taking it for a couple of weeks. That is not giving said inhaler chance to work!

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I've been on relvar for about two weeks now, I would wake feeling a bit breathless in the morning the first 12 days or so but its slowly started to ease. My asthma nurse also gave me montelukast to get me through the night time, that may help you if you don't already take it. Everyone reacts differently to new inhalers but as bevvy says it does take several weeks to feel its full effects.

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