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Problems in the kitchen


I'm so frustrated... I am finding it very painful to peel potatoes because I hande arthritis in both thumb joints. What do you use?

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I peel things carrots and potatoes etc with a cheese slicer. it has a handle and a round shaped head and I can pull it down along things rather than hold tightly.

The peel is nutritious so you could just leave it on (unless its green!)? I hardly ever peel cause I like the taste and rustic look but sometimes boil to slide the skin off if doing a mash.

A manual peeler that slides away from you or down is easier than round ones you have to grip, and you can get electric peelers too on amazon.

I bought a spriralizer from Argos a while ago for around £15 or so for Zucchini salads and that helps for lots of vegetables...makes them look fancy too :)

Peeling under very warm running water helps me as does applying asper crème with rubber gloves. Having someone else peel your potatoes also works well.

I have arthritis in the thumbs as well. I have found that taking high strength Turmeric with Black Pepper helps. As does the occasional free trip to the local osteopath courtesy of Arthritis Action (that reminds me I must book another appointment!)

Good luck

Amkoffee in reply to Benzman

Turmeric bothered my stomach

I just slice and eat peelings too, always heard that's where the nutrients are

You could try either manual or electric potato peelers ??

I don’t peel them! I just scrub them well and make whatever with the peels on. The skin adds extra nutrients and flavors. Gave up peeling cucumbers etc., for the same reasons as you. If I clean them well, the skin is edible so why bother?

I recently purchased a peeler corer from Amazon and it's the next best thing to sliced bread. And it was very inexpensive. I've used it for apples and potatoes. But they also show a carrot.

So I ain't alone in this struggle??? First it was my left thumb that felt the pain, after my TAH-BSO. Next am feeling my right thumb now. Sometimes I feel my fingers going numb when I sleep on the support of my arm. I got to hang the hand down for circulation.

Question: Which is worst- the uterine bleeding ....or the post-op side effects???😞😞🙅🙅🙅

Somebody tell me pls.

Happy Easter.


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