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The problems


I had a TKR one year ago and still have swelling pain and spasms in my foot. Beginning to wonder if I could be allergic to the replacement.

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i am 7 months after my first knee and 5 months after 2nd knee replacements, and i too am still in pain with swelling after 10 mins standing or walking.... i know i shouldnt be by now. i go to the gym and can ride the bike and do some gentle cross trainer work. but cant walk without excruciating pain and swelling. is it possible to be allergic to the metal? i am allergic to most metals, everything but gold. but i did mention this. the consultant said id be fine????

How do they know for sure about metal sensitivity without testing you. I found out today that my doctor is moving so it looks like I get to start over again. Silly question but is your hair falling out? Mine seems to be. Wonder if there's a connection.

when i googled it last night one of the side affects is hair loss, fatigue, skin blisters, or any one of these. i phoned the hospital today as im allergic to some metals and i did tell my surgeon before the op but not sure if they took any notice! im just in so much pain and swelling when walking and standing, have a skin rash and can sleep for england...... i told the hospital my concerns and am waiting for a call back after the receptionist speaks to the consultant. i just dont seem to be improving at all after 7 months!

Well I hope you get some answers. I get frustrated when doctors just decide your aches and pains are all in your head.

Did you get some answers?

sorry its been so long since my last message, i had blood tests for allergy to metals, it came back negative. so no better off... its been a year since my first knee replacement, and 9 months after my 2nd one. im still in pain, can only walk for 10-15 minutes, its a weird sensation, like nettle stings all over my legs, and weakness in my muscles around the knees, some days i have excrutiating pain at the back of the knee, over all i wish id never had it done... when i walk i feel like im going to fall all the time..

I'm sorry you have to go through this too. I did finally get a second opinion and come to find out I have a pinched Paroneal nerve and IT band impingement. Had surgery to release them to an a half weeks ago and I'm feeling a little better especially around the IT band where it fits into my knee. The foot spasms come and go but I think it will take time for the nerve to heal. Now I just have to work on getting my strength back. Don't give up.

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Are you doing any better?

Hi speechpat. I'm home just from another consultation at another hospital. He said exactly what the first consultant said . Highly unlikely to be an allergy to the metal. But no answer about the pain in in! Just referral to a pain clinic. M not happy at all that NO one is listening to me. I'm in excruciating pain!

I’m so sorry to hear that. The pain can be unbearable. I see another orthopedic doctor in September. My gp referred me. I started on some medication for depression and anxiety and I do feel it’s helping. The pain has just worn me down. Please stay in touch and let me know how you are doing.

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