Hip pain now getting in the way and new to this group

I am 92 reasonably healthy, still playing tennis and walking a few miles a week, but recently hip pain in my right leg has become intolerable. Ibuprufen reduces but does not make it much easier. Since my wife died a few months ago, I need to get out of the house and interact with friends. So I am reluctant to retreat into an arm chair... I am also on W&W for CLL.

Is there any reason why I should not get it fixed? Has anyone else at my age had successful replacement? I would be grateful for ideas.

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  • “If you make it into your 90s, you must have something going for you that helps you do well with surgery,” says Dr. Miric. “I think you have to stop looking at age as an indicator and look at how robust the person’s health is.”


  • Thanks for that, I have looked up the reference and it is very encouraging. I now need to get a medical assessment in the hope of some action.

  • Bristol waiting at the present is just 6 weeks total:-


    Strike while the irons hot!

  • Thanks again. Do I need a GP referral or can I access direct ?

    My daughters have fixed a 10 day holiday in Italy this Saturday, I am well looked after...

  • I am fairly sure you need a referral from your GP

    I assume your daughters will be able to assist you for a few weeks after an op. You will certainly need a little help.

    Did you read my other post here:-


  • I had not seen your other contribution, it is quite relevant and I hope to persuade my GP that I need an assessment. Good to know that the system works

  • Hi, I would recommend you go ahead, you sound super fit, so shouldn't be a problem, I had a hip replacement in January this year and haven't looked back ! Granted, I'm 20 years younger than you, but you do sound in good shape !

  • I don't know about super fit, but my tennis friends put up with me, the coaches at D-L fixed a pro-am party for my 90th. Life is for living so I hope to get back on the court asap...

    Many thanks for your encouragement, and to the rest of the group here who give me the will to keep going. The GP has now called for and x-ray, watch this space.

  • I did read of a man in his 90s, who had a hip replacement, in the US. Now fit & back into activity. Surely if one tries to keep fit, whatever their age, they should get priority. Pursue referral here. Don't give up. There must be older people here, who have had this op. Sylvia

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