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New and a bit scared


I started having symptoms 18 months ago after a very stressful life event. My mum tool a sudden brain bleed and is left alive but very disabled.

A year ago I was crippled with pain and went to the GP who referred me to the hospital. Initially the rheumatologist tests indicated polymyalga... however more recently he is of the view based on new symptoms it's psoriasis arthritis. Something I no nothing about.

When he told me I just burst into tears I have two young kids. I work. I'm a single mum I can't be ill I can't not function.

After a year on steroids he has recommended a change of meds to meto something....?? I live in hope coming off steriods will be a good thing and this new medication will help me with the pain the skin condition a d weight lose.

Any advise welcome or help. I'm feeling quite emotional and fragile right now and scared

Thanks TJ

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I've been on methotrexate for 8 years and it is my best friend. If you read stuff on the internet it sounds scary, but for most of us it works well and gives you your normal life back. There's another community on HU called NRAS and has quite a few people with psoriatic arthritis on ot.

I so hope this works for you I really feel for you bless you ❤️

Hi, I know how you feel, I got diagnosed at 32 (im now 38). I got told I had sero positive RA and that methotrexate is all I would need. Unfortunately it did nothing for me, although my RA is that aggressive I need a total elbow replacement already.

I went through all the meds until I’m now on a biological that I inject once a week called Tocilizumab.

That stuff is great I have my life back and able to run regularly again at a decent level.

It may seem bad at times but stick with it and you can get through it.

I find exercise helps a lot mentally and physically, although at times can be hard.

I hope it all works out for you and the methotrexate works for you.

Hi. My friend has taken Methotrexate for several yrs. she has found that it has been a gt. Help. However she has regular blood tests, & is being monitored whilst taking it.

Hope you feel better soon


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