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New and confused.... need advice?

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Hi everyone im new here my name is Diana and im 28 years old. Im so confused here.... in November last year i started to have pain on my hands and feet and a bit swollen aswell went to see my gp, gave me voltarol and said that i had an infection on the soft tissues of the body. It didnt really work i was feeling tired all the time and in constant pain swelling etc.... in april my gp said that i definitely have some kind of arthritis but she'd refer me to rheumatologist, at that time my pain was so bad gp gave me tramadol. Unfortunately i had to come to portugal for a few months so i never went to see the rheumatologist, im seeing a doctor here who says that i dont have any kind of arthritis i only have an inflammation in my body. Yesterday my hand was so swollen that i went to see the out of hours doctor, the first thing she said was "do you have anyone in your family that have arthritis?" I answered "yes my mum my auntie my cousin" she replied saying "yeah and you definitely have it aswell, im sure!" I booked an appointment for Wednesday with my gp here in Portugal but i dont really know what to say he told me before that i definitely dont have arthritis only inflammation... what do i do? What do i say? Im so confused.... my mum has osteoarthritis and her symptoms are exactly as mine...

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Sounds like arthritis. I have a sister father and 2 aunts who had it. But with osteoarthritis unusual for it to come on so fast and when you're so young. Wonder why if it was thought to be an infection they didnt try antibiotics? Definitely ask if you can be referred to a rheumatolologist over there in any case.

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Hi Peggyannn,

My mum was also diagnosed with OA at the age of 23. They didnt try antibiotics no, and i do want to be refered to a rheumatologist but this doctor says i dont need it! I think if he doesnt do nothing tomorrow i will go private....

Swelling, tiredness and multiple painful joints can be Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). It could be many other things as well but two doctors have suggested that you see a Rheumatologist so it would be worth getting that checked out. If it is RA then the sooner you get appropriate treatment the better as it can prevent long term problems.

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My rheumatoid factor was negative in england and in portugal and thats why i think doctors dont belive that i have arthritis... i dont want to have arthritis but what i do want is answers and i want to be better...

There are inflammatory forms of osteoarthritis and more than 100 varieties of inflammatory arthritis (RA, psoriatic arthritis etc. etc.) so you do need to see a rheumatologist to sort this out. There are even varieties of RA, known as seropositive and seronegative (the +ve and -ve refers not only to RF but also anti-CCP) - and that refers to the blood work, and the blood work status can change over time.

A negative Rheumatoid Factor test does not, in itself, prove that someone doesn't have RA or other inflammatory condition. You might want to look at:

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Hello Dianacvb and welcome to the group. Thank you for sharing your story and we hope you are finding the support and replies here from other Members helpful!

It can take a long time to get a proper diagnosis, so we are sending you our best wishes that it happens quickly and that you soon start to feel better too.

For information on things you can do to help arthritis, don't forget to have a look at our website - particularly the Resources pages: , where you will find some useful Factsheets and Exercises to help you manage the pain in the meantime.

All the best and keep us posted on your recovery!


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True, as stated above a rheumatoid factor can be negative and you can still have RA or other autoimmune disorders.

Well my doctor here sent me for more blood tests the same blood tests that i did about a month ago including again rheumatoid factor. I did this 3x already i just dont get this. Maybe ill just wait till im back to england in november and see a rheumatologist there but really i just want to know what is wrong with me....

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