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Hello. I'm new to this forum and as I don't get much practical advice from my doctor I'm hoping I'll find it here. I have o. arthritis in my knees, it can be extremely painful. I don;t take any medication for it, but I do get shots on an as needed basis. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. What I'm wondering about is this... every 3 to 4 months I start getting flu like symptoms. I can't walk, legs swell, body aches and I stay in bed. This will last several days and gradually I get better. The pain isn't gone but the aching tired feelings are , and I can hobble around again. I wonder if any of you recognize this or am i dealing with something else. Thank you.

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  • Have you not been referred to a rheumy clinic. When I was diagnosed with PsA they gave me booklets on PsA and a booklet on the medication I was to take I found them helpful take care xx

  • Thank you so much for replying. I'm in the States, I don't know what a rheumy clinic is, also PsA.

  • A rheumy clinic is a department in a hospital where you see a consultant rheumatology clinic. Who deals with arthritis. PsA is psoriatic arthritis a form of arthritis. In the Uk. We are referred to different clinics to get the best treatment.

  • It's kind of similar here. You have a primary care Doctor and then a specialist for each health issue you have. It's very difficult to keep this all coordinated I see four doctors now, I have seen as many as six. I am grateful for health care, but it drives me crazy.

  • I know what you mean I am seeing 2 to different consultants for different things but I think there may be a connection with both I go in January and I am looking for answerers take care

  • I think you must mean rheumatoid, haven;t figured out the PsA yet.

  • I also have osteoarthritis PsA comes under autoimmune disorder

  • I am being educated. I appreciate it because I need to be more responsible and aware of my health treatment.

  • Hi, how long have you had these symptoms, I was diagnosed with AF in 2013 and have had successful treatment. But have had all over joint pain and swelling occasionally to my ankles and fingers since July/August this year.

    I have seen a Rhumatologist, who said I've not got Rhumatism, but possibly Fibromyalgia, maybe related to the menopause. I have good and bad days, my GP prescribed high strength Vit D and zinc after blood tests, but it's not completely eradicated the aches and pains.

    I don't know if this is some sort of auto immune reaction to all the treatment I've had over the past 2 1/2 years or the withdrawal of HRT meds because of conta indications of AF. None of the professionals seem to be able to give me an answer, so I just keep taking the analgesia and moving like a stiff tin man.

  • I have afib, had an ablation 5 yrs ago which has been very successful. The osteoarthritis started 2 yrs. ago.Menopause, thank God, is over. I'm 69, so I suppose some of this is simply age related. I'm having the same experience of just living with the aches and the pain, having good days and bad ones. The doctors I see don't have any answers for me. I am tired of not being able to do anything, of making plans and having to cancel. My plan is to be more pro-active so I don't sink into depression.

    I have a sign in my computer room. I t's a target and underneath says 'bang head here' i'm close to trying it.Lol.

  • Hi I am currently studying naturopathy so don't take this as medical advice just do your own research if it works then share what you learn.

    there are 2 people you want to start with one is Rex Newnham

    the other is tony pantalleresco

    If you cannot get Boron tablets from your GP then you can take Borax this combines with the acid in your stomach to form boric acid which is 17.5% boron if you have low stomach acid which is normally caused by the medications the doctors prescribe then start eating Beets this produces more stomach acid, also you want to stimulate gastrin this is done with any bitter herb being chewed thoroughly In your mouth.

    Tyrosine aids the uptake of Boron you can get this from seaweed which is loaded with minerals (something our food is short of) you only need around 7-10 grams a day so you want to split taking the boron and seaweed three times a day, only have small meals instead of 3 meals have 6 meals and eat a lot less your body will uptake far more nutrients this way supermarket food is sprayed with sulphites that are toxic for your liver and extremely depleted in nutrients, so try and get organic or growing them yourself is the best or get a few friends together and grow your food if possible.

    If you don't like raw beets, when you cook make sure you only heat the food to 100f otherwise you start to denature the food and its goodies also use a clay cooking vessel as the heat is distributed better using metal is not a good idea and try and use wooden utensils.

    cut out all grains all dairy and red meat as well as all fluoride, only use distilled water.

    I'll be back with more Info in a couple of days if you are interested ?

    there is way more to this and Ive run out of time.

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