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Ongoing knee surgery issues

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Hi everybody just a quick question regarding knee surgery. I’ve been out of hospital two weeks now I haven’t had a visit off the OT or any info regarding physio. How long has anybody else on here who has had knee surgery had to wait?

Also how soon did you go to the gym to start strengthening the leg muscle.

Thanks all for reading my post


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It can vary enormously, depending on the knee surgery that you had. I started my mobility and physio. exercises in the recovery room after the surgery and thereafter had a set of exercises to complete, every 2 hours, a minimum of 6 times a day for the first week.

I started gym work as soon as the surgeon saw the knee for the follow-up review and said that I could start.

However, sometimes, people do fall through the cracks and it might be worth your while to put in a call to your GP and say that you're uncertain as to what your post-surgical follow-up is?

Yes I see what your saying there. My follow up visit is on the 26th of this month so I will ask him about the gym then. Thanks for your comments.

I had a knee replacement and was given exercises to do at home before I left the hospital. Then OT about 6 weeks later, as surgery skar had to heal first. Contact your consultants secretary re concerns, and your GP who should have an update from the hospital post discharge. Good luck with your recovery

Thank you for your good advice

What kind of knee surgery did you have?

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Hi Seenie, I had an endoscopy followed by an implant of a trochlear hemiarthroplasty and more cartlidge removed I was in theatre for around 1 hour 45 mins ended up with an 8” scar and 46 clips. I went in expecting a full knee but they changed their mind on the day .

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Seenie in reply to KolonelGreen

How interesting! I'm guessing that keeping moving is going to be helpful.

knee replacement and then knee revision total, both, started rehab right away within a few hours at the hospital and continued from there for several months. I had arthroscopic surgeries prior to the replacement's and only needed a short recovery without rehab before resuming my regular activities. I think you probably need to check with your ortho dr. if you are not sure. Would think that they would have given you this information. Since they have not I would check into it ASAP.

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