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Second appointment with my gp

Good evening everyone, Well next Tues I see my gp for my 6 month appointment. By now I'm counting the day til that day gets here. This is the first time I've actually counted the days down til I went to a doctor. Do to the way I've felt lately do to the pain from my arthritis. Let me just say this past month has been very painful. My hands constantly hurt every day as well as my spine and knees too. I've been restless at night trying to sleep but do nothing but toss and turn. I'm probably going to have to go back to my rheumatologist to get help from him. By the time I get home from work I'm exhausted and have no energy what so every, even though I want to do things I need to do when I get home but just don't have the energy to do them. This arthritis is dictating my life and I don't like it. I'm already having some days that I don't have the strength in my hands to do easy things , like turn a door knob or hold a glass of tea, milk ECT. Hope everyone stay pain free. I know for some of us we wish we didn't have to live with arthritis pain , weather it's OA, RA psariosis.

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Hi So sorry to hear you are having so much pain & discomfort. I am lucky in the sense that I have retired so do not have to struggle to work, I'd never make it there it takes me about 1.5hrs to get any where near moving properly in the mornings, I am on an absolute high at the moment as my doctor has given me 3 weeks supply of celebrex (celecoxib) no change of an evening or morning but in the actual daytime I have managed to do some gardening and even walk a lot further I cannot stay on them as they stop some of my other tablet working which I have to take for my other ailments. It'll be quite a come down when I have to come off them but have enjoyed feeling like me for a little while! I hope you get a respite very soon

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Sorry to hear your in pain at the moment,hope things ease off a bit,I'm getting bother with my hands as well ,they are swollen and sore and I'm struggling to grip things


I know the barometric pressure is supposed to be unrelated to arthritis symptoms but a lot of us seem to respond poorly to humidity and some people loathe or adore heat for its impact.

And yes for struggling with doors. I've been inadvertently trapped in several cubicles recently because although I could push the lock across, I couldn't pull it back. And I haven't been able to open a jar or canister for so long...

Do you sometimes long for a job that involved no commute? It would give so much of the day back and stop us having to get ready or travel at a time of day we can hardly move. I could do with more time so that I could do an extra set of mobility exercises every day because a think a couple of sessions would be good for me.

I hope your GP is helpful and that you have a useful referral back to your rheumatologist.

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