Another painful week

This week has been a v er you painful week with my arthritis. Both of my hands were very red all week. Also felt like I was loosing strength in one of my hands do to the pain. As of right now while I'm trying this message feel it through the top of the hand more so than the palm of my hands but the bone just below my middle fingers is very sore and tender to touch. When I'm driving my car it hurt to put pressure on my hands are on the steering wheel. I use my hand alot for work and feel that the pain is affecting my work performance. It's slowing me down . My boss doesn't know that I have arthritis. I haven't told her, because I don't want to sound like I'm wining about it or I can't do my job because of my arthritis. At this point I think I need to see a doctor about my pain. I go to my GP next month for my yearly appointment. I know he'll ask how my arthritis is. I'm sure he'll tell me that I need to go back to the rheumatologist again. I haven't been to my rhumy since 2015. As far as my knees go they are painful as well. Im,also starting to get discomfort in my left leg now and left buttocks cheek . Yes I know I sound like I'm in a mess right now. Between all my issues with my arthritis. But new symptoms are starting to be noticed and I'm not liking any of it one bit.

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  • I'm so sorry to hear that JD. It's a rough ride with arthritis, and I also am sick of the pain it causes. I hope the rheumatologist can figure something out to ease your pain.

    I get new symptoms too - right hand wrist bone is prominent and I can't open things like I used to. Yes, arthritis struck there - just wish we could control it somehow or keep it at bay.

    Take care, Sookie

  • Sookiedee, Yes it is sure a rough ride like you said. I so tired of feeling this way. Having to put pressure on the joints that hurt the most are hell. Especially the way my back acts up as well. The only way I seem to be comfortable any more is when I'm sitting on my couch. So this question pops in my head over and over. Should I be looking into getting a wheelchair for myself? I've thought about it on more than one occasion of doing just that. But the thought of doing that I'm not liking either. Nothing so far has helped. The more I push myself to move around the worst it gets. I don't want to loose my mobility but if that's the way I need to go for my worst days for when my knees and back act up I will. The thought has crossed my mind several times to do that. Having arthritis is debilitating. Doctors can't seem t find the right med to ease my pain. So it seems I need to be my own doctor. I don't want to pay for another useless doctor's visit. What would you do in this case Sookie?

  • JD, I just don't know. If you reach the point of not walking, then yes. I hope that won't be the case and maybe SOME doctor can give you relief.

    I never see anyone on research about arthritis and there really should be, like they did with some cancers and diabetes.

    You're right in that sometimes we need to be our own doctors since the real ones seem clueless or apathetic.

    I try and stretch my body as much as possible and do low impact exercises.

    Take care, Sookie

  • To be honest I'm not really sure what route to take at this point Sookie. Popping get in different meds haven't help and if I move a certain way it takes me to my knees. As hard as the pain in my spine I have no idea on what to do about that. Especially with it being in the upper mid part of my spine. I get very lazy once I get home from work after being on my feet all day. I usually change into my pjs and bathrobe and don't go anywhere the rest of the day. I'm sure you feel like doing the same. Doctors haven't told me what to do to ease mine. It hurts to doing anything to much anymore. I'll keep you posted on what I ended up finding that helps so far nothing has.

  • Sookiedee tonight is one of those nights that my whole entire body feels tired. I think fatigue is setting in tonight. But I do have day that I'm to sore to do anything. Those days I tire out quickly as well. I hate sitting around unless I have no choice. I'm sure you hate it too. Where am I going to be with this by the time I'm almost 50 ? That's the question I keep asking myself over and over form time to time? Damn I hope relief finds me soon.

  • JD, I'm going to check out fibro because it's all over the body. And it seems like you have that too. So when I return to the UK, I am going to get to the bottom of this if it kills me.

    I did go to the rheumatologist before I left, but when I had the scan for the lumbar, everything came back as normal. I have had this pain for 6 months. It's not imaginary. I really feel for you, but don't think ahead. It only increases the stress. It's insane, isn't it???? Someone should find a damn solution.

  • Sookiedee it's seen to hit me with avengeance . I have all idea it'll be a wasted appointment if I go back to the rheumatologist. Lumber back pain is hell I know. It'll put me to my knees some day. But now with it being in my upper spine it's a different story. I'm the most comfortable in a sitting position when my back acts up. My hands are never ending anymore the hurt all the time . It's hell I tell ya. When I get in my car after getting off from what my regular shoes and socks are coming off before I pull out of the parking lot. My slippers are in the car today so I'll put them on instead. Talk with ya later. J.D. Quinn

  • JD, I just hope someone can get to the bottom of this. You don't deserve all this PAIN>

    My personality changes with chronic pain and I get sick of it. Talk later, Sookie

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