Hi, Just had total knee replacement 8th Nov. I really wonder if I would have this done again. I had already lower back problems and trouble with feet osteoarthritis and nerve pain. Since the op my back and feet have been twice as bad and I have a spasmodic pain just below my knee so sudden it makes me almost shout out. I have not slept due to be unable to to get comfortable in bed with the pain. When the tablets supplied b the hospital ran out my husband rang our GP and I was given Naproxen twice daily it helps a little but burns my stomach badly. It is quite frightening and I try to do the exercises as much a possible as I worry I won't walk properly again. I can still only do the stairs in the way they teach you and cannot begin to do them normally. I can only just in the last 2 days lift my operated leg a fraction off the floor has anyone else been this slow? So worried

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  • I had a total knee replacement almost a year ago.. It is a very slow healing process don't get discouraged it does get better.. It took me about 3 months before I started to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Constant pain is common especially at night takes a full year to heal just make sure to do your physio and you will gradually see improvements. Hope this helps

  • Hi Ninas4,

    I guess I'm a little impatient I just cannot wait to have one problem less!

  • Hi unfortunately it is not a quick recovery. My hip replacement I was back to work in 8 weeks so i was expecting the same with the knee. You have a long way to go but it's worth it in the end.

  • I've had both and they told me after the knee that the hip would be "a piece of cake." Wasn't exactly true, but lots easier than knee. 2nd hip was even easier due to now having one good knee (and the other not too bad) and one good hip already and having gotten in better shape. It does take time and effort but gets better if you work at it.

  • Slow down hubby has had both knees done,You are only 13days after surgery . The first month should only be doing your phiso,eating well, resting . As for pain naproxen was not good for him he had tramadol . A surgeon told me knee surgery was was harder on body then hip .

    This is not a race

  • Following hip replacement 6 months ago I had muscle spasms & severe pain in lower back and knee ( mod/ severe arthritis in knee) for at least 3 months.

    Totally agree with Nina, Physio and lots of gentle movement is really important and will help but don't be disheartened it takes time for the body to heal. Has your Dr suggested taking a PPI to assist with medication? Omeprazol is usually prescribed. Good luck

  • Hi Molly, I have not seen my doctor the naproxen I was given was prescribed over the phone and my husband collected it for me. He tried to give m co-codamol but these make me feel quite horrible and dizzy. I do not know what a PPI is but I am being taken to nurse for removal of stitches today so I will ask the nurse about this and thank you

  • i also had a tkr on the 15th of nov. im 6 weeks post op and still in pain. thought it would be getting better now. physio im doing 4 times a day, but it goes stiff and very painful not long after. maybe im getting impatient too. swelling is a problem at night and sleeping isnt great due to not getting comfortable. lower back pain is awful too. probably due to not walking properly. aggghhh im fed up now. supposed to be having my other one done in 3 months, dont think i could go through this again.

  • For swelling and pain especially at night, use ice packs and elevate your leg above your heart a few times a day for 20 minutes or so, or according to doctor's or pt's instructions. And don't be afraid to ask either or both questions if it isn't helping enough.

  • if you are taking naproxen, you are also supposed to take before hand once a day lansoprazole to protect your stomach

  • am going to try to go without the Naproxen in a couple of days as they do make my tummy feel like it's on fire. I was not offered anything else for protection of my stomach but that's the doctors here shove some tablets at you and out of the door!

  • Can I please say, don't be disheartened at this stage. They say six weeks is the healing time, we are all different, our healing time is different. When I had a total knee Replacement five years ago I thought "why did I have this done" the pain was terrible. I had a great breakthrough when I visited a physio, she gave me a very simple exercise to do which I believe was the turning point for me. I will try and explain to you. You will need a tin of talcum powder, a flannel and a piece of Formica about three foot long and about six inches wide. Put the Formica on your bed, sprinkle some talc on it, sit on the bed with the Formica positioned under your operated on leg, put the flannel on the talc, then your heel on the flannel and gently slide the heel up and down on the Formica, I did it watching the TV and found the first time I gave up after five minutes but after a few goes was doing it for fifteen minutes at a time. (I am lucky enough to have a spare bed so left it up all the time and just opted in and out several times a day) I found it real eased all the muscle tension in my leg which in turn released other muscles etc because I was starting to walk better. Sorry so long winded but I really hope this helps. I am now 67 and waiting to get strong enough to have my other knee done. I can honestly say the first weeks are horrible but persevere with the exercises and things will get better.

  • Thank you for your reply I am improving very slowly now. My Physio has given me some very awkward exercises and because of my bad back and painful left foot I am finding it hard to do these but I am persevering I will give your method a try it sounds a lot easier than trying to pull my foot up behind me to as near to my bottom as possible and holding it there for count of fifteen five times a day it really pains my foot let alone my knee! Good luck with your other knee

  • I found that when sitting relaxed, read, listening to music or watching tv you relax which means the tension in your leg muscles also relax and voila you are exercising and not realising how well you have been doing. If you are doing it listening to music I found my leg moved differently to a fast song than a slow one.

    Good luck and I hope it works.


  • I have started doing that exercise lately and found that I can straighten my knee better (test by sitting on a firm surface with legs out in front and pushing down. The harder it is to push a hand under the knee the better it is). A Swedish video showed someone putting a plastic bag under the heel to make it easier. Perhaps sticking the foot in a plastic bag and fastening it with an elastic band would be an idea.

    I have mild arthritis in my knee, which I am trying to improve with diet and excercise. Reading about other people's knee replacements is making me more determined.

  • Hi, Good luck with the exercising luckily I had no trouble at all after the TKR of straightening my knee just the pain in my back and swelling and pain of my foot I find it harder to bend my knee too far back because of the stiffness of my calf muscle for which I am doing calf stretches, hopefull will get there in the end

  • hi vondel, i had a tkr in oct. i too have dreadful back pain and painful feet and ankles, im still in terrible pain 3 months later in my operated knee at night.... supposed to have my next knee replaced on the 28 of jan. not sure if i can go through all this pain again. on the plus side i have full mobility back in my knee so the physio has worked, im just in agony still if i try to do normal things like shopping... seems i cant stay on my feet for longer than half an hr.

  • Hi mollyandmaisie, My knee is improving during the day and improving during the night a little although the muscle in my calf is very hard and stiff and my buttock on that side feels like it has a painful knot in it. My foot on that side is swelling up badly even in the morning it is still slightly swollen it hurts sitting or standing I guess if it does not improve soon it will be back to the doctors to see what is going on. My best wishes go with you for your second knee replacement especially knowing what to expect this time. I know what you mean about shopping if I go shopping I can only do half of the shopping centre in one go and then home! Take care

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