Osteo Arthritis

Seeking Help & Information from those suffering from : Degenerative Osteo Arthritis.

I'm having difficulty walking (seriously) and getting dressed or undressed; getting in or out of the Bath, also in or out of my car. Sleeping, well that's not as it should be; finding a comfortable position to sleep is becoming really difficult.

I also have PA B12, Deficiency. had 6, loading injections + one - 3, monthly injection of Hydroxocabalamin (next Jab = 20th Oct) GP referred me to a Rheumatologist; more tests and x-reay's (results) revealed that there is OsteoArthritis Degenerative wear in both hips and both knees , also left Ankle.

GP prescribed AmtiTriptyline 10mg , to be taken at night as a pain management; and help with sleeping. But, there are some side effects, i.e. : Headache and Dry Throat.. GP told me to give them a weeks trial. I'll continue with them for a few more day's, although I doubt they'll have any affect on the pain and poor mobility I'm experiencing?

I read recently about the properties of Turmeric as an anti inflammatory aid? Well, I've sent for some capsules of 10.000mg turmeric from Natures Best UK.

Anyone else in the same position with Osteo Arthritis? What do you take to relieve the pain and discomfort?

Appreciate any help information or advise on this subject.


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  • Hi

    Have you heard of conversions ( re car) you can have your driving seat redesigned so that you can can get into your car by sitting on the seat and then by pressing a button on handset (I think) the seat takes you round to the driving position. Most of this is my guess work, but I have seen pics of it when I was looking at ways to get a scooter into my car by the Hoist method. And that is another thing you might like to think about: 🚵 getting a mobility scooter in the times when your mobility is better than others.this can take a bit of research. I thought I had done loads but still I had not reckoned on the space to get mobility scooter into my car. Had to choose a hoist as I cannot lift ramps or batteries and seats of scooter.

    I think Amitriptyline only useful at night for help with sleep. Also can make the next day very knocked out.

    I've also heard the Tumeric is good, bought some from H. span. Given some away. Tried a couple ( not long enough I know) and continuing with Ibrobuphen whilst I have flare up caused I think by not taking enough care getting into my car !🚘.

    Will be interested to read what others say.

  • Where would I buy mustard oil please? And Would the mustard oil work with having a shower after the half hour as I am unable to use a bath.

  • Thank you for your quick helpful response. I'm fairly near a Waitrose and the other major supermarkets, so I should be able to find some. My hot water tolerance is on the low side but I will certainly give it a go.

  • Thanks,

    Will certainly give the Glucosamine a try. I'll probably rattle with all the supplements I'm going to take..

  • The glucosamine you will need is the super dose, its about £40,, but Im told that all the footballers who have injuries have to take it. It apperenly helps but only if you take the higher dose one.



  • RosePetal,

    Thanks for the reply; I do feel sleepy the following day while taking AmiTriptyline. I may stop taking it; it does nothing for pain or mobility.

    I'll wait for the Turmeric to arrive and see what effect that has..

  • You could try taking the amatrip several hours before you go to bed. Someone suggested to me to take it about 6 pm to see if it makes a difference the next day. But before I do that, I'm going to ask for the lower dose of 6 mg. No , I agree no help as such with pain but perhaps a better nights sleep?

  • Hi There I've found that by taking the amitriptyline at around 8PM I don't get the feeling of being drugged the next day, and by taking it for just a week at a time it helps with sleep, and the side effects aren't too bad. Hope this helps. J

  • Had more thoughts

    You could buy a bath board from a mobility shop or Boots perhaps. This fits across your bath so that you can sit on it and bring your legs over into the bath. And to make this easier you could buy something called I think Savanna steps. They are Not steps but you can get 3 sections of moulded plastic that fit together to raise the height to suit you. They are approx 3 inch height sections of step to stand on to help you sit on the bath board. So with 3 sections next to your bath it is easier to get your legs into the bath. Difficult to explain but it works for me. you could try the famous auction site for both these products if only to give yourself an idea.

    you could ask for an Occupational therapist to come to your home to asses the situation and perhaps they will arrange for a handle to be fitted to your bath wall for support. I find it useful. But I had to wait about 10 months fo occupational therapist to come and approve of fitting one. You might consider a shower.

    Some areas have a Red Cross equipment centre where you can look and try equipment out.

  • I already have the bath seat, very useful..

  • Pleased to hear it. A friend gave me her spare one. I put a memory foam seat cushion on mine wrapped in plastic bag. Never know if I might need to sit down whilst having a shower.

  • I have used hydrocodone and oxycodone but they have many disadvantages; good for short term pain relief but not long term. A combination of Lyrica (pregabalin) and Cymbalta (duloxitene) helped a lot with hip pain that disturbed my sleep & while sitting, but not so much for pain on walking. What's helped me most of all is total joint replacement. Have had 1 knee and both hips and they have helped a great deal. I don't need medication for these joints anymore (I am 8 months post surgery for the last one). Knee is the roughest as far as the rehab; hip a lot easier, especially the second one. If you can do prehab before surgery, that will help a lot with your rehab after. I have bad side effects from most NSAIDs at least at prescription strength. Also have OA in neck and lower back, neck is worse. Ice packs help a lot. Just got a great new one that covers back of my neck and shoulders and stays in place while I am sitting or walking around. Sometimes heat or alternate heat and ice is good, too. Physical therapy also has helped a lot, but you have to keep up with the exercises after to keep up your muscle strength. I have heard about turmeric and also astragalis for inflammation but have not tried them. Glucosamine and chondroitin helped me a lot for years with the hip pain. I still take it because my rheumatologist recommended it, but I have doubts about whether it's helping with the spinal issues. Good luck, hope you find something that helps!

  • Thanks for your reply Syltownsend,

    I shall try the Glucosamine Chondroitin; did your Dr, prescribe it?

    Most of the drugs for pain relief you mention; I've not heard of.

    I feel like an invalid at the moment; having serious difficulty walking (did I say walking?) well it's more of a shuffle. I have always been fit and active; Marathons - Triathlons - etc... lots of activities, but now, I cannot put my socks on properly; and trying to get in or out of the car is very difficult.

    I'm going to apply for a Mobility Blue Badge, so I can park in a wider parking space; the car door needs to be open as wide as possible. I may even apply for PIP old DLA.

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin is a "dietary supplement" available without a prescription in U.S. Sounds like you are elsewhere. My rheumatologist does recommend it. Hydrocodone (Percoset) and oxycodone (Oxycontin) are opioids that are Schedule I controlled substances in U.S., which makes it difficult to get them legally. I had to have a surgery date set for my surgeon to prescribe 60 oxys. They do give excellent pain relief. Most doctors will not prescribe them long term because of the high abuse and addiction potential; they become less effective with regular use, so you have to use more to get the same effect. The side effects are not pleasant at first, but tend to get less after awhile. For getting in and out of car, putting socks on, and many other activities that OA may make difficult, there are a variety of gadgets that can help. I have a Sock Aid and also a Handy Bar (available on Amazon and elsewhere). When my local Red Cross Community Transportation driver saw the HandyBar, the service bought one for each of their medical transport vans! Seriously, though, sounds like you really should consider joint replacement. It has made a world of difference in my life! Of course, you have to have good health insurance or live in a country that has universal health care, and be a reasonable surgical risk. My heart goes out to you; I know how it feels. Good luck with everything!

  • I'm in the UK.

    No-3 on your list (I Think?) 67, year old.

    Thanks for all the replies; it's appreciated.

  • Hello Nytsom, sorry to hear that you feel so bad. I also have osteo arthritis , it started with me not long before I turned 38 in 2013 then in the middle of the year of 2014 I was feeling it in my feet real bad, since then I now also have it in my knees, shoulders and elbows. I finde the best thing for me to do is to not over do it on the days that I hurt. I've tried four diffret pain meds and I've yet to find one that actually helps me . I'm at a loss myself right now. So days it hurts to bad to turn a door knob or to bend my toes . those day are unbearable. I hope you find something that helps you soon . Osteo can be very painful. good luck

  • Hello Nytsom

    I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis of the hips earlier this year after suffering a bursitis of the knee and hip in my right leg at first, Its deadfully painfull and was given a crutch bu the physio therapist. I was on all sorts of painkillers that didnt work,and I hated amitryptaline, it gave me nightmares and made me very dizzy.

    I am now on Pregabalin which makes the pain sort of bareable, but I tried to walk without my crutch for a while being bullied at work to dump it,, That was really stupid of me as my left hip went too. I am awaiting hip surgery 7 november, I am terrified,, but apparently its the best thing I can do, as I too have really abad pain at night and cant sleep, I take two pregabalin a day 75ml.

    I sometimes have a better day if I take omega 3 too but most days Im in pain and walking is a huge problem .I also cant bend and it feels like permanent toothache in my hips so I really empathise.

    Any how I am also attending hydro thrapy sessions but I missed the last one as my thyroid was giving me huge problembs .

    Hope you find some pain relef soon , but as about pregablin as is helps me.



  • Sorry to hear you need crutches; I think maybe I also need some crutches? good to hear they have given you a date for Hip-Replacement. not being able to walk properly is soul destroying; I'm in that shuffle along mode at present; walking is extremely difficult; and not seeing the Rheumatologist until 23rd of October.

    Hope all goes well for you! I'll ask about Pregabalin when I visit the Dr,

  • all that happens to me is that i sort of shuffle with the one crutch and think at 53 why the hell did it happen to me,,, I used to walk 7 miles a day no prob, and i am a doer, so now when i have t o coast along most sides of my bed and rely on ly son to get me up and my work collegues,as if i bedn down ive had it i cant get up , Soull destroying.. one is not kidding. Standing to cook a roast or anything is sooooooooooo painfull im in tears, and i have to have a bath every am just to get enough heat inside me so that i can move.

    good luck with your rheumatologist



  • I feel your pain :( i am going through exactly the same thing, I have been put on several types of medication but i don't seem to react well to them so i just take ibrufen , to be honest it hardly even takes the edge off but it is better than nothing! i am unable to take the AmiTriptyline as i work full time and that just made me feel like i was drunk! I have got to a point now where my legs are just giving way on me as well as all the other pain from my spine hips and all down my legs to my feet! I was advised to use a walking stick as it would help relieve some pressure but at 42 i really struggle with that! i know that it is getting to the stage now where i am definately going to have to use one! i do hope you find something that works for you as the constant pain also causes a touch of depression, not a good place to be! Good luck x Lauren x

  • Thanks for the reply Lauren,

    I'm 67, and was told to use two walking sticks, I've begun using one walking stick. That doesn't really help either. I take the occasional Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling in my ankles; it helps with the pain also.

    I've also been looking at the research don on the use of Vitamins and arthritic joint repair also increased mobility. may give Vit-B3 a go?? here are some links >>




    Worth reading these research links ; they may help.

  • Hi Everyone! I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago with OA and last year had a repair to back of knee(loose cartilage) repair and arthroscopy and Consultant said it was a Stage 3.....no wonder I've felt so much pain over last 5/6 years but hobbled on....I do use a stick daily and at work....you should not feel bullied to not use one...I need glasses for my eyesight and I need a stick for balance/support and if I didn't, my hips would feel a lot worse. I've recently had results from x-rays and find that OA in now in both knees, both hips and lower lumbar region...great!! I had my first hydro session and did not enjoy it as felt the water increased pain around my back and overnight my worse knee and big toe were hot and swollen and I missed 2 days of work...I also felt 10 times heavier coming out of pool and could not walk/breathe....very unsettling experience....Now I am waiting on acupuncture...Does anyone feel this works?

  • I also wanted to add to the above, my GP said over 2 years ago did I need 'my' job....of course I need to stay in work as 7 away from State pension and many friends have said I should apply for this new PIP.... am seriously considering this as am very fatigued and with pain medications etc. and feeling low a lot....But psychologically feel it is a good thing.....have now condensed 4 days into 3 long days and struggling....who initiates the PIP process - self or G.P.? Many thanks for advice here!

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