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Wrist arthritis

Hi. I am new to this community but wonder if anyone can give me advice on the best way to treat pain in my wrist caused by arthritis. I had a giant cell tumor removed from my wrist twice (12 and 10 years ago) and due to the location and size of that, and resulting bone graft, I have marked arthritis in the wrist. I am 43. Generally my pain is manageable day to day, but I get flare ups and pain. I have a splint which I wear when it is bad, but can't get any relief from standard medication.

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Wrists and hands are so difficult to work around.

Do you see a hand therapist? A piece of useful advice that they tend to give (whether it's an injury, OA, or RA) is to avoid stressing the joints more. So, we're always advised to recruit the largest and strongest quality muscle group for a task. E.g., to carry a kettle of water, cradle it on the forearm rather than using hands and fingers.

Do you have a range of OT-recommended gadgets to help you avoid overstressing your hands and wrist?

Has your GP considered a referral to a Pain Clinic and if would be helpful to you as they might be able to review your medication and offer you something more effective or suggest helpful options such as nerve blocks?

Somebody on the Pain Concern forum regularly quotes Dr Francomono on managing pain (She's an EDS specialist).

"There are also lots of non drug things you can do. Do you know about Dr. Francomono’s 75% Plan for Pain Relief. "

Take, for instance that your medications take care of 20% of your pain relief. Then you use your TENS unit for another 10% reduction. Some Tiger Balm on your painful joints brings another 5% of pain relief.

Maybe you could pull out your heating pad too for another 5% of pain relief. Then you decide upon a warm soak with Epsom Salts for another 10% pain relief.

Deep breathing and some PT exercises combine for another 10% of relief.

And then you watch a great movie for another 15% of pain relief. So now you have 75% of your pain managed effectively. How would your days be different if 75% of your pain was gone?

Dr. Francomono’s plan demonstrates the importance of using multiple strategies…even if each one only makes a tiny difference, the difference made when they all are added together is significant.”"


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