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Hi everyone. Happy bank holiday to you all. I thought I'd check out this forum, as I'm a member of Copd healthcare unlocked, and find it very helpful. I have suffered from arthritis since the age of 23. Im now 54yrs old. So nearly 30yrs of pain and suffering. I have widespread arthritis now. I take Zomorph, Oramorph and an abundance of other meds. Not including anti inflammatory meds as I had a bout of pancreatitis last year, so was took off them straight away. I still don't have a specialist looking after me just my GP. Don't get me wrong, my GP is great. I mo longer work as of 2yrs, as I could no longer do it. I worked in healthcare. I have no income, as I was took off ESA, however I have appealed. Last year was diagnosed with COPD. I still manage to have a fun filled life(most of the time) as I've learned, along the way, how to manage my symptoms. I'm sure that even the length of time I've had arthritis, I still have things to learn. If I can help with anything, feel free to ask. Sorry if post is a bit lengthy, hope I find everyone well today.

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  • Morning and welcome

  • Hello, I hope you have had a good day and it's good you have found the site 😊

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