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Steroid injection + no sleep

Steroid injection.

Hi, hope your all doing well but

can I get some help I'm on my 5th steroid injection in a year, for RA the latest one been about 10 weeks ago, ever since taking these injection, my sleep is horrible the slightest thing wakes me up I never feel rested at all , before all this started I slept great at least 8/9 hours a night, when will this stop it's driving me mad. How long does it stay in your body?

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I too suffer with sleep depravation because of steroids. I have to take 10mg pred daily plus injection every 8 weeks because of allergy to other drugs. Seems there is no alternative because of the pain without them. Been told I need to reduce steroid but it's difficult until they find something that will work for me. It's been 18 month now

Just had a bad flare up that lasted a week because injection has worn off but least I got some sleep

Sadly not sleeping is a nasty side effect of prednisone. Doc said try natural sleeping pills but I am reluctant as you can become dependant on them.


Well it's unfair that we suffer because of steroids I want zopiclone but my doctor is like no, I may get addicted, please god just to let my poor body get some decent rest, I didn't ask to get this horrible illness, it's unfair.


Ha we are already addicted to steroids it will take 10 months to get off 10mg daily by reducing get per monthour. GRRRRRR this disease is so depressing. But hey ho sun is shining today and I am going out with one of my lovely daughters. X Happy Sunday xx


Have a lovely day Paula


I had managed to wean my self off from 20 to nothing and was fine for few months till a family upset caused a flare! Moral of story dont let anything upset you! Watch cat videos and laugh and joke you will get better :) hopfully. Anyway it seemed to be out of the system soon. But after the flare took 20mg and did not sleep for two nights. Had to reduce the doze to sleep! 10 gave some pain back but bearable...might try 15 or stay with 10+a bit of pain for a week just to be able to sleep!


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