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Newbie here. Age 29, are my symptoms RA?

Hi all,

Looking for some advice really as I feel like I am in limbo at the moment. I am 29 and for the last few years I have had flare ups of a swollen knuckle on my right hand.tbis normally occurred when the air pressure changed like when there was a thunderstorm, for example.

This time however, it has been extremely painful, and the swelling has not gone down for nearly a week now. The knuckle on my hand of the middle finger is red and I cant get my ring off my middle finger because it is so swollen. I am now getting pins and needles in my fingers and toes and a burning sensation in my right hand fingers and can't straighten my index finger on my right hand either.

I also have an old ligament injury in my right ankle and now my whole foot is stiff and sore too. The physio for the ligament injury told me I have hypermobility and I bruise very easily.

I have a vitamin d deficency and anemia as well and am wondering if all these symptoms point to RA or are just coincidence? Oh and I've also had 4 pretty severe ear infections within the last year.

My GP sent me for an xray on my hand yesterday and I have blood tests next week. Is there any other test I should be asking for? Or do these symptoms point to something else (or nothing?!)

Thanks in advance for any advice x

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Hey, I was diagnosed, with RA when I was 18, first I got really tired slept all the time, I lost 2 stone. Couldn't open things, clothes were a pain even putting up my hair and such, hands were swollen red and my elbow couldn't be put straight.

My consultant just looked at my hands and knew straight away it was RA, I got X-rays on my hands, blood tests But that's all really you can get done. He said normally RA is symmetrical, both hands would have it, feet and so on. It all just happened so quickly and suddenly. Though reading on this site seems everyone is different. If you know your body isn't right don't let it go it took me months and months of annoying my doctor that I wasn't right. In the end it was lupus, RA

In the mean time just look after your self don't lift heavy things, take your time doing things don't stress your self out, once I got the medication it went near enough away, still get sore but just no where as near as I was.

On you're blood tests it can actually tell you that your in pain as well esr I think it is, been a while lol. But they are doing the right things with you so far.



Thanks for your reply, I appreciate the advice and I think I will definitely keep going back if nothing comes of the blood tests, just doing simple things like food shopping tires me out so much, I'm on reduced hours at work at the moment but I still feel like I could put my head on my desk and sleep in the middle of every afternoon. Not wise in an open plan office lol. Considering I was doing 40 hours a week and gym classes before work 5 days a week a year ago this is a huge difference to how I am now.


Hi Sqeaky87, Anemia is a predominant side effect of RA. Having suffered from it and related problems for the last 42 years the most consistent factor is anemia and the need for taking ferrous sulphate is paramount, otherwise RA will continue to deplete your iron reserves and eventually (as with me) you may need iron injections, which from a discomfort angle, I would try to avoid as much as possible. Hope this helps. Joyce x


Hiya, i am currently taking Ferrous sulphate once a day, I've always been borderline anemic for about the last 10 years or so, but every now and again I will drop below and the dr will put me on the iron tablets. Your info was really helpful thanks, I will definitley keep pushing it with the Dr's if nothing comes of it. I have recently changed surgeries and they seem much more proactive than my previous GP surgery so fingers crossed they are taking me seriously. Thanks again for your reply.


To be honest I would ask your doctor for a referral to see an orthopaedic consultant and request an mri scan as well I get pins and needles in my fingers the doc said it is part of the osteoarthritis

Don't let them fob you of keep asking I had blood tests but came back

Normal so hey don't allways show things don't despair fight for what you

Want ask for tests X-rays Miri scans ultra sound scans anything that can help

Good luck



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