What are the odds?

What are the odds of having sciatica nerve pain on both sides of the body. I've had it in my right side for over a year plus now. But now I'm starting to notice the same discomfort on my left side. It's acting the same way my right side did when it started on me over a year ago. I know it's rare to have sciatica nerve pain on both sides of the body , but now with it starting on my left side I know something needs to be done. I did think this would happen on both sides of my body but it looks like it's going to. It's been acting up on my all weekend and still is. Has anyone else had the sciatica nerve pain on both sides of the body? I'm wondering if I should have my go go on and get me set up with a physical therapist. This can get real intense at times some times my leg feels like it's on fire. My doctor hasn't xrayed me to see where the pinched nerve is I feel that should of been done when I told him last month I was feeling it more on my right side but it wasn't done. The last 3 days have been painful with my sciatic nerve and still is. Need suggestions if anyone has any . Thanks.

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  • Hi JDQuinn75 I believe a Xray should be taken of your sciaticileitis joint to rule out the possable presents of ankyosing spondyolitis

    Hope you get treatment soon


  • Hey Brad I was thinking the same thing. Something needs to be done because it seems to be getting worse. I'm staying very uncomfortable lately in my back, not mid part of my back,and lower as well. It hurts right now as I type my response back to you. I don't think it'll be a very comfortable day for me today. J. D. Quinn

  • Hi JD Quinn I thought sciatica was only pain down the right leg because I believe that's where the sciatic nerve is. I could be wrong! I was treated for sciatica for three months 25 years ago until I had an Xray which showed I had a ruptured disc, so I ended up having an operation. I really think you should have an Xray. I know it's a horrible pain - really bad. I hope you get something sorted out soon. Good luck. PS After surgery I was pain free until five years ago when I developed osteoarthritis!

  • Olly17man, I had osteoarthritis before the sciatica nerve pain . Mine seems be getting worse. The pain today is pretty sharp right now.

  • I do think it is something to do with a disc Quinn. See your doc again and stand firm - ask for an Xray and stress that you can't stand this amount of prolonged pain for much longer. My doc had me on Oramorph and I remember phoning the surgery as soon as they opened one morning and telling them I felt I needed to take double the dose to dull the pain. An Xray was suggested immediately. Good luck.

  • I have arthritis too in knees, right hip, back, arms and hands. My hands are giving a lot more pain lately. My young nephew in Glasgow, however, has no joint problems and yet overnight developed agonising sciatica. His mother - a nurse! - was terrified. The pain was so severe she thought he had bone cancer x

  • I have three online friends who have sciatica down both legs and are prescribed very strong painkillers. I myself suffer from sciatica and when it's bad it's absolute agony. I can't walk, can't get up, can't do anything because the slightest movement makes my lower back, hip and leg scream.

    I do feel for you, and I do understand. Insist on further help. Say that you are suffering unbearable pain (you are!) and you can't go on like this. Don't let them fob you off. Behave in a courteous but firm and assertive manner. You need help urgently and they have a duty to provide that help. I'm shy in many ways but over the years I've learned to gently demand the right kind of help! x

  • Eleven, mine has kept me in pain all day today. It's may my day very long. I was almost in tears at one poi t today it hurt so bad. It is traveling from my back through my buttocks all the way down my leg and through my foot as well. With it going through my foot it's very hard to walk. I'm not sure what to do about this. I'm only comfortable what I'm off my feet. This has become debilitating. It's getting harder and harder to deal with. I'd hate to have to start using a wheelchair because of the pain I have when I try to fight this. Standing to long makes it worse for me. I'm not sure what to do.

  • Same with me. Exactly the same pain trajectory. I have no idea what triggered my sciatica but oh, my, it changed my life overnight. Try the gentle stretching exercises. They work on the exact areas that cause the pain x

  • I searched online for exercises that might help. Basically stretching. Most you can do lying on your bed. They hurt a bit but no too badly. They did help after a couple of weeks. The only GP help available seems to be strong pain meds. Keep demanding help. The sciatic nerve is the biggest in the body. It covers a large area. So when it becomes inflamed or injured in any way we know about it pretty fast. It will go eventually, I pray. But help it by doing that localised specific stretching x

  • JDQuinn75 I am no expert though both my sons are doctors. I had sciatic pain on both legs , I realy believe you should have your sacroiliac joint Xrayed to rule out ankyolosing spondyolitis onset the fast treatment of this could spare you a lot of pain in future

    Hope your pain reduces

  • Brad8, My sciatica nerve for the last four days has been awful. I'm probably going to be calling my gp when I get home this after noon to let him know so he can come up with something to help it.

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