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i am 26 year from india suffering from reactive arthritis.. this is 3rd time in last 10 years i infected by RA. my left knee, right thigh joint , whole back, neck and ribs got infected this time... its only 7-8 days that this arthritis reactivated but it gives me serious joint pain.. before all this started i have boel infection.. and immediately after i recovered from that this all get started... my doctor prescribed me defcort 30 mg, flavojoint (please google for salt) caleciferol 60 k and some antibiotic.. previously in 2015 also i recovered through these medicines only.. but it takes 3-4 months to recovered.. please advice me what to do.. any further medicine?? or alternate remedy??

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so sorry to read about your suffering. i had reactive arthritis as well which started when i was about 36. I'm now 46 and i was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. i wish that i could give you a magic potion but nothing seemed to work for me. prednisone helped a bit and i was on antibiotics as well. i used to apply heat to my joints if i could stand it or cold if it was too tender. painkillers were also key. i tried other things to like ginger tea and turmeric mixed with flaxseed oil. meditation. i know the suffering you are going through and know that someone in texas is thinking and praying for you.


I live in the UK and currently am in India at a yoga retreat. Originally booked for two weeks and I have extended it for three weeks because I'm on Ayurvedic therapy to avoid having to knee replacements. I am told it will take three months to see if the therapy works however already I'm noticing less stiffness in the joints and ability to walk much better. I think Ayurvedic therapy is wonderful but the proof of the pudding will be whether I can avoid surgery


I am trying to overcome my knee arthritis with excercise and would be very interested in how you are getting on and what the Ayurvedic therapy entails. Someone recommended Bikram yoga, but looking at it, there seemed to be many poses involving kneeling or very tightly bent knees.


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