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arthritis wear and tear

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I would love some help. i have suffered with pericarditis, hospital for 3 days. Scleritis Raynauds. Gout. Myalgia. arthritis in the ankle and the spine. I take Hydroxychoroquine 400mg per day.

Could i have lupus. I feel worn out most days no appetite losing weight now my gfr rate is falling it is now down to 59

My own doctor blames it all on wear and tear. what can i do.

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Hi I think the best thing to do is to ask to be referred to a rheumytolagy consultant. I was told I had OA for many years. And was just given pain killers . Until my GP refered me to the hand clinic due to lumps on my fingers with puss in them they referred me to rheumy clinic and. To see if it was just OA it turned out that I had psoriatic arthritis too. And I have probably had it for a long time. Hope you get a proper dx soon take care xx


Thank you for your post and sorry to hear you have been unwell. We would recommend you speak to your GP to request they investigate this further.

For information on arthritis and what we offer to our Members, you can visit our website:

All the best,


Arthritis Action Communications Officer

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