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In my lifetime I have seen so many claims written about, in National Newspapers and other sources? papers written by medical professionals, if I had a pound for every one written along with there claims, I would be a multi millionaire. Now we have a article taken 18. months of research to tell us arthritis is linked to weather, something older folk have known about for years! why do they think a lot of Arthritic people choose to live in sunny climates. Its the same as thunderstorms and the barometric pressure rises, a lot of people sense it long before the storm arrives, animals even sooner talk about wasting public money

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Where is this article published and who did the research? Can you put a link on a post so we can all have a look?


Hermes123. Article in yesterdays Daily Express.

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Ah yes. That's the 'cloudy with a chance of pain' app. I saw that a few weeks ago and tried to log on to it but it wouldn't work for some reason. It is interesting. As they say, there has been anecdotal evidence for years about this but no one has actually researched it properly. I know I am a terrific barometer. I know a couple of days before when it's going to rain as I definately feel pressure changes in my joints😏.


Hello All,

I have been researching health for about 10 years googling of course, but I began with the wonderful alternative health books at Wimbledon libraries (Thanks Staff for them) one was a book (Arthritis Beaten Today) on an alleged natural cure for arthritis (Cetyl-Myristoleate) made from a beef body part; it is this author who stated that RA and OA are the same but of course he could be wrong and one other. I know its not the mainstream view but I believe him. I did not find it worked for me though but it had no horrifying side-effects and was cheap.



Hiya Heremes123,

Well I certainly noticed it. I had the early onset of osteoarthritis in the right knee some 16 years ago. This was only discovered when I had my right knee cartilage tear and it had to be removed. 16 years later - in the same knee - I could hardly walk with osteoarthritis in the same knee and by this time my weather forecasting skills were so much more accurate than the Met Office weather forecast - even several days in advance when it might be warm and sunny with no hint of a weather change in sight I could predict a weather change. Usually the more intense the pain the more dramatic the weather change. In Nov 2015 I had a partial knee replacement and the offending bit of osteo was removed. Job done - no pain now, and no weather sensitivity or forecasting skills :-). Of course I can only speak for me and not for other sufferers of other types of arthritis.


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Hiya caeneuny. Thanks for your reply! Its good to see ordinary people can apply common sense to our day to day problems. Yes we are all different in the way we respond to what goes on around us. The point I am trying to make is all the conditions associated with Arthritis : Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disorder, we are the Cinderella of positive advancements toward cures or true relief for pain, this is not a problem that happen yesterday, I have been through it for getting on fifty years, yes there are intervention programmes and first class Surgeons, but the root problem lies in research for our problems so slow in advancements in finding out the connection between the brain and the trigger points that cause the pain, the growing of stem cells that could grow to inflate like a pillow releasing tension on the damage nerve, are researchers spending to much time on the signal box which is in the brain and less time on the reconstructive part of damage or worn out parts being replace. Because it is like a railway system, trouble at the points the train cannot advance, clear the points to open, the train carries on its journey, just logic not science. Hermes123.


Hi Hermes123 - we collaborated on that research project with the Cloudy with a Chance of Pain team and found it a very positive story. To agree with you we all know there's a link between weather and pain from our life experiences and our older generation's tales, however in terms of what constitutes scientific 'proof' it has never been officially admitted before just quite what that type and strength of the link between pain and weather is!

It can feel like the same information is re-hashed, but a lot of this comes across like that due to journalists not being scientists and missing out information which would make each of the research projects stand out as different. This project was not funded by public funding, it was a big collaboration between research teams, academic institutions and charities. It might be interesting to have a look at their website:

They have all the (anonymised) data up in a chart so you can see everyone who took part around the UK and how they rated their symptoms on each day.

It's good to see this project, as it means that now we can start accepting the impact the weather has on pain, move on from that and finally concentrate on finding solutions to dealing with chronic pain! For this reason we are keeping our fingers crossed that the scientific community shifts their attention to treatment and pain relief next.

All the best,

Arthritis Action Team


I still believe there is a lot of truth behind the old sayings handed down for generations, a lot of this is lost these days because people stay in doors to much and there bodies don't get a chance to breath properly, this is not a science in the true sense nothing has change other than the modern world making homes to insular, ask farmers fishermen and the like as young boys we could tell you about the planets seen with the naked eye, we knew all the names of the plants in hedgerows and field, we knew which wild mushrooms to pick and which not too, how many people know these things from hand me downs, very few i doubt. all are interlinked to make one perspired to tighten the muscles or relax accordingly. when one feels atmospheric rise in thermal temperature the bodies temperature also rises causing headaches and a tightening on the bodies muscles, this is just stuff I was brought up with, I am feeling it right now there is a leaden sky and it is starting to rain and I have a temprature and a head ache. Hermes123.


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