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Hip pain

In the past few week my hip has bothering me due to my osteoarthritis , and the burning sensation down the side of my leg hasn't gone away. Also my shoulder knee joints have been acting up as well. But the hip is more bothersome right now but hasn't got unbearable as of yet. It acts up more in the evenings as of right now. What should I do call my rheumatologist or my gp about this . My rehumatoligist told me when he started me on the Naproxen that if it didn't help that the next thing was,celebrex. The Naproxen has,help some but I still think that's it's nor helping me enough though. So what's next ? Any info will help thanks

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Not necessarily, ravivrao. Orthopaedic surgeons only really offer surgery; most arthritis care is done by GPs, in the UK anyway. But if you have an underlying condition that causes OA, like hypermobility syndrome/Ehlers Danlos, you might see a rheumy sometimes too.


Celebrex is a Cox 2 NSAID, and yes, they are normally the next step for joint pain. Your GP can prescribe it. You don't need to see a rheumatologist; and if you're a UK NHS patient, I'd urge you not to try, because there are terrible shortages of rheumatology appointments in many parts of the country, so it's best not to take up an appointment if you don't really need it.


I'm in the United States flow4.


I'm not sure about the protocols for you then JDQ; but it's presumably cheaper to see your GP, so I'd start with a phone call to him/her :)

I am on a (different) Cox 2, Etoricoxib/Arcoxia, which was the step up from Naproxen for me a couple of years ago. I do find it helps me. (I have RA as well as OA).


We were in Dublin, recently, and a colleague noticed that my wife was in pain - she is waiting for a knee transplant - . He brought along some liquid in a bottle, told my wife to rub it over her knee and she would feel at least a 50% reduction in her pain. It worked!

It was a solution of Magnesium Chloride which is easily available in flake form. You have to dissolve the flakes in distilled water (or settled rain water) to the point of saturation. Buy a large tub of the Magnesium as the water absorbs more than you would imagine. Rub the solution lightly over the affected areas.

Good luck.


Between my gp and rheumatologist I've been on four different medications. I've yet to find one thst helps me enough that I'm not so uncomfortable. Standing all day at work isn't helping me either. But I have no choice but to unless I start thinking about using a wheelchair to help me get around better when I need to. I haven't asked if I should start seeing a physical therapist to help me nor ha my gp or rheumatologist brought it up. So the question is what next on what I should consider on doing for myself to help me with the pain so I'll be less uncomfortable.


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