Is it possible?

For the past month or so I've had quite a bit of discomfort in my lower back as,well as the warm sensation down my right leg. I'm now starting to feel it in my left leg in the same spot as my right . I'm wondering could this be spinal stenosis that's I'm getting and if so can it confine me to a wheelchair?   I saw my gp last week and told him about it all he did was give me pain pills for discomfort in my joints. No test were ordered. Who's also experienced this that I'm describing.  I need to know what else I should do. Thanks.

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  • I already have told my gp about it . He's aware of it. Having already been diagnosed with oa last year,  after it starting on me 3 year ago. It's spread throughout my body rather quickly.  This is the newest symptom but it's rather uncomfortable.  It's constant in my lower back plus the feeling in my legs comes and goes , but when it starts it last for anywhere  from 10 minutes  or more before it stops.  I'm just wondering why a test wasn't order when I saw him. 

  • JD, some doctors treat it as if the cause was irrelevant - I would get a 2nd or 3rd opinion because he really doesn't sound like he's helping you.  An MRI should confirm the condition and I'm surprised the doctor didn't go that route.  Then he would develop a specific treatment program - muscle therapy, exercise rehabilitation, etc.

    Also google up the 5 daily exercises that help spinal stenosis.  I really hope you can get the help you deserve instead of from that clueless doctor.

  • I have same.  MRI showed moderate OA in lower back and some trapped nerves. Just learnt to live with it. Some days worse than others. Doesn't automatically mean a wheelchair so don't worry 

  • That reminds me of that old song 'don't worry be happy' - and you're right, JD's condition doesn't immediately mean a wheelchair.  There are lots of options out there - just have to find them, and hopefully with the right knowledgeable doctor instead of the trailing pill parade fix.

  • Hi JD, I've got spinal stenosis, had it for years and can still walk a bit.  You really need an MRI Scan, but from what you say, your G.P. isn't willing to spend the money.  If you are resident anywhere near, you can get a private MRI Scan carried out for under £300 in Cheltenham, with a referral from a Physiotherapist, or Chiropractor.  If you think of going, message me back and I'll give you the MRI Centre's name and phone number. Regards,

  • Scruffyrabbit, that was actually my first visit to my gp. My old one retired last year.  But from the way I've felt today with the tops of both legs hurting all day plus lower back hurting as well along with the burning sensation down my leg too I think something needs to be done.  All that I'm reading right now are the signs for spinal stenosis  or some of them for lumber spinal stenosis. I'm actually in the United States.  Jason

  • Hi JD, I think you might have prolapsed a disc, (I've got six gone in my back,) and without a MRI I cannot see how they can treat you.  I've never been to America and do not know how the medical hierarchy carry on there, but here in England unless your General Medical Practitioner will refer you, you cannot get any investigations at your own request, which leads to a lot of people unnecessarily getting worse or even dying, depending on what is wrong with them!  I thought in America you had a certain amount of ability to pay for investigations independent of your primary care physician? 

    Even arthritis in your lower back could give the symptoms you describe, and it wouldn't be possible for you to have appropriate treatment without an MRI or CT Scan.  I hope you get more appropriate help soon.

  • Scruffyrabbit,  I haven't had an MRI yet or any test of any kind on my back yet. They are expensive to have done. If it gets worse I'll go back to my Dr before I'm supposed to in Oct.  I also feel symptoms in both of my legs as well on the top and side too.  It gets pretty painful some days . Some days I can't get comfortable enough.  

  • That's what the majority of doctors seem to do - send you off with a prescription.  JD, get a more understanding doctor.  Did you have an MRI?  Seriously, there are many fine doctors who ask you questions, survey your condition and help as much as they can.  It's what they're paid for.  Like I mentioned, get a second opinion from someone who seems like he cares.  I miss the old days of caring helpful doctors who even made house calls.  Health care today, in some cases, is the pits.

  • No I have not had an MRI. But I feel like what I'm feeling both in my legs and lower back is progressing.  

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