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Stuctured exercise

Hiya, I have had one partial knee replacement (half a knee replacement). Excellent results pain free. Have another partial on other knee scheduled for Jan 2017. I do walk best I can and can do 2 or 3 mile with painkillers, but I'm looking for more structured exercise than will be kind to my knee. Because I walk every day, its not really doing much for me. I need something new in the mix. I do swim too.

thank you x

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On your bike , see the world at the same time , good exercise .

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What about yoga? The only thing with biking is will it affect your knee? If you do bike, do make sure it's set at the right height for you. I see so many people with their bike seats set too low and I can see the undue pressure it puts on their knees. i was always taught that your legs should be set at a "5 to 6" position. (think of a clock) Hard to explain. Sure any gym instructor or spin instructor would show you. Regards, Sue x

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