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I am a 52 year old woman and I n November last year I had my left shoulder replaced and I am now on the waiting list to have the right one replaced. It was confirmed by my rheumatologist last week that I also have fibromyalgia which I have suspected for a long time. Knowing I was right doesn't make me feel any better but at least now I know what it is I will try not to be so hard on myself.

Before my surgery I started a blog and still update it. If anyone would like to share their experience of a shoulder replacement please contact me via the contact page of my blog


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Can you tell me what your experience was about your 1st shoulder replacement,although you are much younger than I am at 74 It would be really helpful


I've just sent you a couple of links. Let me know if you have any questions

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Thank you so much for your comprehensive blog pics etc and hints it was very enlightening if not a bit scary. Will take on board your tips post op, i'm not so sure about pain block instead of general anasthetic though .


Pleased to help, nerve block is not for everyone but the surgery is worth doing. At 52 with two total replacement means that there is a possibility of needing further replacement by the time I'm your age. Contact me via my blog or this site any time you have any questions.

Let me know when you get a date.


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