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I had a full knee replacement in September 2015 and at the moment the right knee replacement makes the knee seems bigger than the left. I also still get bits of occasional pain where I did pre-op. Are these normal symptoms after such a short time. I am due to have the left one replaced in June but the Consultant says the Arthritis there is not as bad but obviously will get worse in time so I decided to go ahead in June. I just think better to get everything over now rather than later and as I am nearly 65 think I would respond better to treatment now. Anyone been in same position?'


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  • Hi Phil I am 76 and at the end of September 2014 I had my right knee replaced, I have often thought that the new knee now that is all settled down appeared smaller than the left one. However two weeks ago I had my left knee replaced and as you will know it has now swollen beyond recognition, so in about six months I will be able compare them properly. However if my recent knee replacement can match the outcome of the first one , and I am pain free and limp free I will not give a hoot as to what size they are. Good luck in June.

  • Hi. Thanks for that info. Totally agree with you that if, when they have settled down, I am pain and limp free then what the heck with the size.

    Thanks again


  • I have had both of my knees replaced thinking I would no longer have RA in my knees afterwards but unfortunately  even after knee replacement  you will still get inflammation  in your knees.  There are days I still find it difficult  to walk because  of severe  knee pain and this has been over 5 yrs.  Good luck.

  • I have had both my knees replaced, 8 months apart some five years ago. I have found my right knee which was my worst and I had done first is bigger than my left. I still get a lot of pain periodically in both. I have just been diagnosed with RA to go along with my oesteo arthritis. So I think the pain doesn't go completely just not so severe. I'm 53 by the way so will need a few reviews which I'm not looking forward to. 

    You  are right to get the second one done sooner rather than latter though. 

  • That's nice to know thanks. Will mail you when I go in and when its been done if that's OK? x

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