Hi,  due to my osteoarthritis & nerve pain spreading and getting ever more painful I went to see my doctor. he  sent me for x rays on my knees and as a result of that he is getting me an appointment at the hospital as he says my knee is bone to bone and the other one nearly the same, he says I need a knee replacement. I said to him about my feet as they are often so painful I can hardly bare to walk on them especially if I have been on my feet for more than about 20 minutes. It feels like all the bones inside are breaking up and that I have been walking barefoot on stones. He says there is only medication and has given me naproxen 500mg twice daily and told me as time goes on  I would eventually have to go onto opiates.   I explained to him that a previous doctor had given me patches which made me quite ill and that I had persevered for nearly 2 weeks with the patches and the previous doctor had taken me off of them and that I could not even take co-codamol more than one at a time or I was completely out of it and very sick and dizzy and that taking them one at a time did not begin to help with the pain but he said I would have to get used to them. I am also on blood pressure tablets and also almost 70 years of age, on looking on the internet it says that if you have blood pressure you should be regularly monitored especially if you are over 65 years of age I get seen once per year. Is there anyone else out there near my age taking gabapentin, ramipril, avastorin co-codamol and naproxen? I should like to hear how you are checked and whether  you have any side effects as I am in such pain but afraid to take the naproxen

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  • Ask your doctor for a federal to a foot specialist,than can prescribe special insoles and other things to help ease the foot pain. You shouldn't be expected to just put up with it.

    I've taken naproxen without and side effects and I'm on similar meds to you,I saved the naproxen for shenI couldn' take the pain any more but doctor stopped it anyway and put me on codiene phosphate which is pretty useless

    Take care,I hope you get something sorted out.Jo

  •  I have had  the special insoles and some injections when I was sent to the hospital by a previous doctor before I moved counties. These new doctors just will not send me here to carry on the treatment I was receiving in previous county. Just goes to show it depends on where you live, thanks for the reply

  • Hi Vondel

    Sorry you're feeling so low and unsure about your meds...Are u in the UK? I ask as (am coming up to 60 in less than a month...)but if you are in the UK and have long term health issues you are now designated a G.P. ?at 60+ and possibly a health nurse. I see my G.P. usually every 3-6 months but see health nurse more frequently who I ask the questions you posed.  I can't take naproxen because of other meds as can cause blood clots..but surely your G.P. wouldn't prescribe them have to keep asking G.P. and let him/her know of your anxieties...don't think you are wasting their time...Hope you get some answers on here!

    Best wishes


  • Hi, yes I am in the Uk but the surgery I go to (for the nearness of it) has about six doctors and you never see the same one. and have never had the same nurse when having my yearly blood pressure check. I have not started taking the naproxen and do not think i will just a few co-codamol to help a little. perhaps when i go to the hospital I will ask some questions there as I just think I am being fobbed off with pain killers that can do me more harm than good. Thank you for replying

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