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Norwich Self-Management: 24&25 May

Hello, for those of you who might live in the Norwich area I wanted to make you aware of Arthritis Action's next self-management event to be held on 24th and 25th of May. *The event is FREE for Members, and £20 for non-Members (price includes a FREE annual Membership with Arthritis Action!)*

The event spans over 2 half-days.

Self-management techniques have proved to be an effective way of helping people with arthritis to take a more active role in managing their condition and be in control of their lives. The events offer practical help in a safe and friendly environment where participants are given the opportunity of sharing their experiences, ideas and feelings with people who understand. You will learn how to manage your arthritis by trying out different techniques to see what works best for you. In short, our self-management events may help you overcome the physical and emotional problems caused by living with arthritis that can affect the quality of your daily life.

Book now, or find out more: arthritisaction.org.uk/who/...

All the best,


Communications Officer @ Arthritis Action

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