No Pain No Gain?

I just want to give everyone credit and support upon dealing with arthritis on a daily basis. It's incredibly hard to keep a stiff upper lip or pretend to others that things are just dandy. They are NOT.

One feels cheated that this has happened to their bodies, and sometimes I lash out on loved ones which is disheartening and totally unfair to them.

But pain changes our perspective, our inner being of who we once were, and that is a hard lot to contend with in my opinion.

I'm ranting a bit because I now have arthritis in my other foot too. Pain management here I come!

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  • Sookiedee I get cranky when I hurt at times. My arthritis has been acting up again in my feet , hips and knees as well. The top of my feet hurt real bad as well as the bottom of them as,well. It's hard to walk some days.,I feel the worst from my hips to my feet right now. I feel restless at nights and it hurt to put shoes on too. Very painful. My toes still hurt as,well . I'm running out of options as of right now. Crutches don't help I have both under arm as well as forearm Crutches too. Going the cheap rout right now isn't helping me with my arthritis. I'm getting ready to ask my GP to send me to a physical therapist or tell him I want to be fitted for a wheelchair. Best of luck to you sookiedee. J. Quinn

  • Thank you Jason, and I really hope you find the right solution to ease your pain somehow - you have been through so much agony and need to get the help you so sorely deserve. Thinking of you and stay strong. I wish there was a medication that could benefit and ease the joints - that's all we ask at this point. Take care, Sookie

  • Oh I know Sookiedee, it actually feels like that it's getting worse for me right now. My feet and knees have been killing me lately. I can barely move right now. Plus standing makes it worse on my joints too. Pain pills won't touch it. Plus it hurts to bend my knees and toes. It's hell right now do to the pain. I think I may need to have my feet x-rated to see how bad they are. Plus I'm feeling it in the hip again right now too. Take care. J. Quinn

  • Hi, you are so right sometimes I am really angry and sometimes I get really weepy, when I get a day with a few good hours I think it's Christmas! I often feel very guilty too as my hubby won't go off and pursue his love of walking for any length of time as does not want to leave me alone as he says he's at work all week and doesn't want me to be alone at the weekend. No amount of persuasion will get him to go. One thing that really does annoy me though is when someone stops you to talk and you say to them I'll have to go now as standing still for more than 5mins makes it extremely painful and awkward for me to start off again and they just say "o dear" and carry on talking and seem completely oblivious as you grit your teeth (when they have finished telling you of all their problems) to try and walk away. It's sad and there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • That is so true. Some people are oblivious to everything except themselves!

  • Hi I can understand what you are going through. I have arthritis in all my joints. My hands are the worst. No one really understand what you are going through. I am trying to stay positive. It is hard some days. But I do try to stay mobile. I also have COPD. And am going to pulmonary rehab at the moment. That is an exercise and education course. And the medication you have to take. Have really bad side effects. But it is supposed to slowdown the progression. You just have to take everyday as it comes. X

  • It IS good to stay mobile and I try to do that too.

    I see on t.v. an advertisement about some pill and a happy person who is on it. Then the foreboding message afterwards is a list of side effects that make you quake!

  • I don't take anything other than what I am prescribed by the rheumytolagis. And go for blood test every two week for the medication x

  • Hi I can relate to this , my wife can tell by my face when I'm in pain and at the moment it is all over I have RA and OA and have pensioned off medically from my job as I was really struggling, I'm starting a biologic next week Benapoloie (Embrel) plus staying on 20mgs off methetrexate but dropping sulfazalasine and hydroxocloroquine so we will see how that goes

  • Hi I am on sulfasalazine and Leflunomide. They offered me methatratexate but I refused it due to me having COPD and I didn't want to damage my lungs. With them already been damaged. X

  • Hope it all goes well Popsmith for you, and that you get some deserved relief.

  • Just want to say to all those 'creakies' on here...wishing you all better day than yesterday...nice cool breeze today and joints not as stiff and is good LOL xx Bea

  • Thank you for positive comment have been in daily pain for 50 years now and so wearing but my sense of humour has seen me through (just) sometimes

  • WOW just described how I offen feel when people say U look well and I'm feeling really sh--ty, they just can't see one's pain. Husband does not know

    While he is snoring I can't lie down because of pain let alone sleep,our silent pain is not visible . It's good to know your not the only one suffering and others feel the same, when diagnosed it was a shock never thought it would happen to me we all think we're invincible but we're not. Good to read others posts it helps somehow to know U not alone. Take care all.


  • Yeah, someone asked me the other day how I was. I said great. In fact marvelous. People (except on this wonderful forum) really don't want to hear about aches and pains of others.

    But I did learn one valuable lesson about family/mother/husband: the ones who truly care and that is I'm going to button my lip about my condition because THEY get so frustrated and sad since there's nothing they can do about it - why ruin their day too? These are just my thoughts since I have mouthed off considerably and vehemently to loved ones and now will just stick pins in a voodoo doll.

  • I know just what U mean my daughter has Ankolosing Spondilitis she is only 46 years old, I ask myself is it my fault. My mother had psoriasis so did she give this to me and I have grandchildren but U just can't go there, so U have to deal with your own pain and not beat yourself up to much. People always say how are U but they don't really want to know so it's fine thanks with a grin of course. You can always find someone worse than U so I say to myself don't be a whimp get on with your own life, but on this forum it's good to hear other people have a good moan as well. Makes us feel normal. Ladyinred 💕

  • I have to keep my mouth shut around my 90 year old mother when she says she has pain in her feet. I said last time 'but you were fine and playing tennis at 62' (my age now with chronic pain)

    I DO give her sympathy and love her very much (it's my mixed bag of feelings )

    I'm truly sorry about your daughter at only 46 but it's NOT your fault. I wish the best for her in life, and you are right - this is an excellent place for a long moan!

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