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Diet and arthritis

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Omega-3 fatty acids, which are found in oily fish, have been shown to be helpful in people with rheumatoid arthritis and other types of inflammatory arthritis as they may have an anti-inflammatory effect. Are there any foods that you feel help your arthritis?

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Oily fish definitely - I try for two portions a week if I can. Tumeric and ginger are supposed to have anti-inflammary properties too and I try to have those once a day, either in a meal or in supplement form. Other than that - lots of fruit and vegetables and less starchy foods seems to help for me.

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arthritis_actionAdministrator in reply to cherryfied

Hi Cherryfied,

It certainly sounds like you know your stuff and all very healthy too! If you are looking for any more advice, we have a great section on our website here:

Arthritis Action members are also entitled to unlimited access to our dietitian who will discuss dietary needs and any weight management issues if requested.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Best wishes,


Membership Administrator

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Hidden in reply to arthritis_action

Hello Georgia

I've just joined the community and getting desperate to manage food that I eat. Where do I find the dietician you speak of?

Thank you


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Hermes123 in reply to Hidden

Hermes123, Your Doctors practice should be able to offer advice, most have a medical adviser who can give you a telephone number or contact details. there is no need to see a Doctor for this advice, hope this helps.

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hebden in reply to Hermes123

My gp surgery doesn't seem to offer this. Its even a 4 week wait to see a gp.

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arthritis_actionAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Hello Hidden, We have a Dietitian on board to offer nutritional consultations to our Members.

You can read about the Nutritional Support we offer here:

And you can find out more about our Member Benefits:

And as Hermes123 always do consult your Doctor if you have any health questions - they might know want to investigate issues further, or know of other local resources available to you.

All the best,

Despina, Arthritis Action Communications Officer

Hermes123. I eat granary bread as near too a Mediterranean diet, but none of this stops putting on weight by maximum dosage of paracetamols, I had heard this from other people, when I tried to come off them by gradually reducing my intake, I notice my weight drop but my pain levels increased so i had to increase my paracetamols once again.

I've just started making and taking turmeric capsules (organic turmeric, coconut oil powder and cracked black pepper). Found it on Turmeric Users Group on facebook. A lot of people on there who are pain free. I'm not yet but am very hopeful, only taken it for a few weeks now. I just dont want to take loads of pain killers.

Hi. I take turmeric supplements but would be interested to know how you make your own? I looked at the Facebook site you mentioned but left because it seemed to focus only on animals/pets?

my nurse said to eat 2 oily fish a week any way as good for your health

I have just read No Grain No Pain. Worth a try. Cut out all grains.

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CagneysMum in reply to Paulajolo

I largely agree about your view on grains although I think quinoa and bulgar wheat are a good source of protein and easy for your body to digest. Have you researched the Paddison diet?

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Paulajolo in reply to CagneysMum

No but I will have a look. My tummy is getting worse for digestion. Can't eat eggs anymore.

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What about vegetarian choices, no animal products included?

I try to eat plenty of fruit veg and fish.

The bromelain in pineapple is very anti-inflammatory. Walnuts have anti-inflammatory properties. Best of all are any berries you can get your hands on. Blackcurrants and cherries are best, blueberries are brilliant.

I have found by listening to my body...... I have never cared for banana's unless they still had green on the skins! Well for some reason I picked up a bunch and started having one every morning. Nothing was helping my RA but after a week of eating a banana every day I could open jars and use my hands again without pain! Then I went on vacation for a week and just spaced eating a banana so by the end of the week I could barely open anything without a gadget or someone opening things for me :( well back to eating a banana again for a week and my hands hardly gave me an issue so I am going to keep it up just to make sure it wasn't all in my head, but pretty sure it is bananas that have helped me. I mentioned to my friend and told her to buy some bananas for her husband to try because his hands were as painful as mine. My friend called me to say that he told her that his hands hardly hurt him, I was amazed that it wasn't just in my head! :)

Has anyone tried this? I told my doctor about the bananas and she smiled and shook her head yes and to keep eating them as long as it works for me. Give it a try!

I eat a banana each day, first I’ve heard of this, as I’ve had a Steroid injection 6 months ago and it’s wearing off a little now. I think the Potassium in them that’s beneficial, plus generally they are good for you. It’ll be an interesting project ... keep us posted and I’ll do the same.

Stay well.

Gosh! I love this post. I'm on medication, but food has had a profound effect on my life and being able to live with arthritis - I eat whole foods, non-processed and very anti inflammatory. My blog is over on instagram, if it might help anyone looking to change their diet to help their arthritis. Lots of easy recipes and things! I have had arthritis since I was 20, and there's lots of young people on there too! Hope to see you there? Thanks so much, Emily.

Diet is very important to arthritis....I eat a lot of salmon and tuna. I have noticed certain foods set mine off like dairy, bread and processed foods...the bread has too many preservatives...I am back to eating a lot more fruit...cherries really help and I do eat a lot of bananas...

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