Joint pain and swelling

Hi, hope someone on here can help, my daughter's 22, she's had years of pain and swelling, which effects her every day life, she's constantly on pain killers, winter months are worse, she also works full time and over years she's had to take time off with the pain, she's had acupuncture, physio, and lots of other therapies, plus lot's of different medication, it's like looking at an elderly lady sometimes, the way she moves, she's 20 years my junior, this is ridiculous, she's never been diagnosed with any condition, just filled with pain killers, please help, I would be grateful if someone could give me any idea as to what's causing this, or questions or theories we can go back to the doctors with, or someone with the same symptoms that could give an idea of self help,

Thank you

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  • I am so sorry your daughter is in so much pain. I was diagnosed with OA in my hands in 2012 and have been getting more pain in other joints I was referred to rheumatology clinic to see if it was RA and found out it was Psoriatic arthritis. I would ask for a referral to see a rheumytolagist to see if it is arthritis and what kind I belong to a site fore PsA and there are a lot of young people on it take care and I hope you get some help soon xx

  • Thank you Amanda, ill do that, it's so hard for her, as she's young, it's hard to get the doctors to listen, but it's been going on for 6 years now, it's time they did something, thanks for your reply,

  • You are welcome Alisong hope you get the help you need. Let us know how you get on xx

  • Yeah I will, thanks again, x

  • Alisong1973, I was also diagnosed with OA June of last year. It started with me in 2013 mine has progressed alot sine March of last year. It started in my hands then eventually got into my feet. After March of last year I was feeling it in my knees , shoulders , hips and lower back. Since having to deal with this I've had two nodules form on my foot. It's been very painful for me . With the pain in my foot and ankle I've had to keep it wrapped up and get around on crutches. I hope your daughter get some anwsers soon so she can start getting the treatment that she needs to be pain free good luck.

  • I can only give suggestions based on my own experience, I am not an expert, so you should keep that in mind. I have OA in my knees and I spent about 9 mo. in bed. The pain was overwhelming , pain meds didn't work out due to other conditions. I used heat, and Aspercream for relief . I would have flare ups every 4-6 wks. where I would get flu like symptoms, fever, and this would last about 2-3 days, then back to just regular pain. Then I started having a good day here or there and I began building on that. I would push myself a little and then rest a lot. The past 3 mos. have been good. I am still trying to figure out what's going on .Some one on this form gave me a web site to check out and it seems to have answers. I'll try to get it to you. In the mean time google chronic inflammation. You may be able to fix this in a short amount of time. Diet would be the answer. Your daughter is far to young to have her life stolen like this, I hope you find some answers. Let us know.

  • This is the web address I mentioned in my other reply to you Good luck

  • Hi just a suggestion but do you think there could be a chance that your daughter could have fibromyalgia, I've had oa for many year's i also have fibromyalgia and i am amazed at the amount of young people who have this. There is a fibromyalgia forum with health unlocked that you could look on for some information. I hope you get to the bottom of it soon xx

  • is she/has she ever been quite flexible? it could be hypermobility syndrome/ehlers-danlos syndrome. people are often misdiagnosed for years due to doctors lack of awareness.

    i'm 20 with widespread joint pain, fatigue and a host of other symptoms and i often look like a lil old lady hobbling around!

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