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Joint pain and dental issues


In the last 9 months I have been suffering from severe pain in my hands and ankles. I have also been having loads of dental problems, my crown fell out, then my other crown which holds 3 other teeth (bridge) fell out and my fillings just repeatedly fall out.

The doctor has been doing bloody tests as the joint pain was getting intolerable but they have all came back clear. Last night a filling fell out, when I got up for the toilet through night I normally would barely be able to walk but my joints were fine. I remembered reading an article years ago regarding poisoning from teeth years ago. I've checked the internet this morning but not much on there. Was wondering if anyone else has heard of this/had it happen to them?

I have called my dentist and I am awaiting a call back but hoping he doesn't think i'm crazy with my findings.


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I have heard of old fillings making people ill before the silver ones as they contain mercury I believe although I would think it's very small amounts. My last filling that just fell out and half my tooth gone I asked dentist to put a white filling in which he did at no cost which I didn't expect. I know I grind my teeth a lot was wondering if maybe you did that especially in the night. I have actually gone to sleep with my finger in my mouth before to try and stop myself doing it but then but my fingervwhich woke me up lol. I hope you find out what is causing your problem soon. Sending you gentle hugs

Jackie x

You haven't got Fibromyalgia by any chance? I only ask as alot if people with fibro have said that they have had a deterioration in their dental health with teeth crumbling, pain in gums etc.x

suep40 in reply to rosewine

I have been diagnosed but i do have alot of symtoms of it. Suffered chronic pain for the last ten years x

jane1955 in reply to rosewine

wow yes I do and yes my teeth and gums cor the pain is bad never know which is the worse. waiting for another tooth(2 now) in less than 6 months.x

Crafty-Al in reply to jane1955

I know just how you feel, have you tried Oral Gel, Extra Strength, it's brilliant, it will stop the pain for sometime, You can buy it at any chemist. xxx

Hi Susan

I'm sorry to hear you are having so much pain and so many troubles. I am of course no Doctor but I can tell you I have Psoriatic Arthritis and I too have suffered like you. PSA is known to affect the extremities, like your hands and feet, over the years I have had many steroid injections in my toes and fingers. I am 49 and have lost all my teeth, my gums have been inflamed now I have false teeth I occasionally get tooth ache in a gum, (Sounds weird but that's what it feels like) but on the whole my mouth is much better. I am on Embrell and Methotrexate and my joints are much more comfortable. Do you by any chance have ridges on your nails? That's a common sign of PSA. By the way you don't have to have psoriasis to suffer from PSA.

Like I said I am no Doctor, but I thought I would tell you of our similarities, just in case.

I hope you soon get to the bottom of what is causing your pain, be assured we can all sympathise, I'm sure. Take care and I hope the pain is soon managed xxx

suep40 in reply to Crafty-Al

Thank you for replying. No ridges in my nails.but something else to look into further and of anything another thing to ask the doc to rule out

Glad to hear your mouth is much bettet and medication keeping your joints in order.


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