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Constant pain

I have had osteoarthritis since my late 30,s ,I have got it in my neck ,shoulders,hips , knees ,feet ,hands and spine and I have a bulging disc in my back,I am in constant pain ,my old doctor just kept giving me pain killers and I have been taking co codomal which only take the edge off the pain (but they make me really sleepy) for a long time .

I moved house last year and have a new doctor who at last seems to care, she sent me to see a physiotherapy specialist who recommend I have blood tests to see if I have rheumatoid arthritis and has referred me to a pain management clinic,I have had blood tests today so I will have to wait for results and I have appointment for pain management clinic next month so hopefully after all those years of pain I might be getting some help.

I am now 60 ,I was a care assistant but I had to give up my job last year as I was unable to do it anymore ,I am constantly tired as I don't sleep very much because of the pain .has anyone else been fobbed off by there doctor ?

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My doctor was great but because of my age it took 11 years before I could have the operation I needed. Some of the surgeons just fobbed me off .it was a bit if a battle but I have learnt to get a second opinion if I'm not happy.it is quite scary disagreeing with someone who is in the know but different doctor read up and train of different things and have different approaches so well done finding a good one.


Oh yes,

Before I moved to another county I was sent to the hospital by my doctor and had seen specialists about my back problems and also for my osteoarthritis in feet and knees I had been sent to physiotherapy too. I was due to go back for more treatment but because after the move it was too far for me to travel I cancelled appointments expecting my new doctor to see what treatment I was having and arrange for me to go to local hospital here to carry this treatment on. Alas no, just painkillers, co-codamol, & gabapentin. I cannot deal with the co-codamol just one makes me completely out of it and I am supposed to take 2 up to 4 times a day! As it's a practice where you never see the same doctor when I went back I saw another doctor I was still refused to see a specialist to carry on my treatment and more or less sent packing within about 5 mins of seeing her. I hope after all of this time you do get some results and some decent treatment at last


Yes Avasnan

i have been fobbed of for years too, but just found out yesterday by the Rhymtoligist that i have Fibromyalgia, its a relife to finally know what my chronic pains where, and still are..I was also a care assistant for 16 years,i have worked at various jobs, mostly quiet stenuous.I wish you you luck, big hugs.xx


Sorry about my poor spelling.Be assertive like i have been, ask lots of questions,hope you find your answers soon..You sound like you could also have fibromyalgiaxx


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